Firefox 3 Prowls, the Blue E Shudders!


Firefox 3 is about to be released from Beta (it’s STILL in Beta), and will soon be available for grabs by the general public, with an estimated final version release date of June 2008.

Firefox 3 boasts about increased stability, much less memory consumption, a better user interface, more personalisation and my personal guess, revamped security.

Firefox users do know that the fox is a hungry b*****d that eats memory. You’ll usually see FFox eating as much as 110MB in your task manager, after you have around 5-6 tabs open, and having browsed for around 2 hours. Add in some add-ons and it’ll even climb further. It takes as much memory as those year 1999 “high-end” PC games!

But what I do know is that, seeing the success FFox has enjoyed since now, I predict a massive download rush in June. I dunno yet what IE has in stock, but it better take out the big guns to counter the Firefox 3 wave that’s about to take over the Internets! :D

Remember? Firefox got 5.6 million downloads in the first 2 weeks, and has topped the 25 million downloads mark just after?

Downloads of Firefox 1.0 had reached 25.24 million as of Friday, just over 100 days since its release, according to the Mozilla Foundation, developers of the browser. A preview release of Firefox 1.1 is scheduled for April.

Well, the browser wars just turned a lot lot hotter! :D

OMFG! I just found out that Firefox tops 500 millions download mark! WTF! Source!!

  • IE8 coming up soon enough… being the web’s most compliang web browser (Acid3).

  • InF

    I seriously doubt IE8 will be beating Firefox 3 in terms of features. Firefox’s add-ons are just too numerous to be rivaled, and they keep popping out!

  • Let’s hope IE 8 won’t be as bad as IE 7. I was using it for some time on my Vista installation until I noticed that it hangs when loading some websites. Replaced it with Firefox and all is perfect! If only IE 8 would add add-on support…

  • Guru

    May Be they will consider introducing addons to IE. It is a plain may be. I find firefox good for normal users. Simply no problems. Easy to add addons and customise.