The MBB in Le Mauricien Newspaper! :P


Hehehe! Congrats to the folks at MBB! You people finally made it to the newspapers! It’s on Le Mauricien of Saturday 12th April, on Page 15.

We know what the MBB is about, but just a small refresh. The MBB, or the Mauritian Blog Brethren, is a blog which tracks other blogs, specifically Mauritian blogs. They often post reviews about Mauritian blogs, giving its readers an opportunity to discover other Mauritian bloggers. There is also a forum where bloggers and non-bloggers, Mauritians or International can participate.

There’s also some comments made by Jevin and Morina about blogging in general.

For a better coverage of the event, check out TheMediaGuru who has an extensive article on this.

So big thanks to all those trying to bring the Mauritian Blogging Community to light.

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  • It’s great to see journalists taking blogging a little seriously. Let’s hope they start talking about blogging more often. 😉

  • do you know any information about this subject in other languages?

  • InF

    Bayrak, what do you mean by “do you know any information about this subject in other languages?”?

    Do you want a translation of this post, or other pages that have posted about this, in other languages? I didn’t get that, sorry.

  • Guru

    Do you mean a translation? Google translator is here to meet your need.