Hamachi One Click Away from your Own VPN


We all love “One Click” solutions for everything we want. Thinking of VPN, you might have headaches (configuring and understanding how to manage). Out of the blue came Hamachi, maybe your next most favourite software. From ease of use to easy management. If you would call it “all rounder”, so be it.



VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a public network made that has been transformed to act in the most private and secured manner.

How Hamachi works? It creates an interface for every client (pc) it has been installed in. This interface handles inbound and outbound VPN connections. Not to forget all connecions are made to the centrally managed server, known as the “mediation server”. There is no need to forward/open ports, hamachi makes its way through firewall and has a finely tuned server assisted NAT transversal technique. Basically, it tunnels your data automatically, and transparently to your destination.

What is the Mediation Server? It is server where all hamachi’s users converge to. It keeps track of your assigned IP, Nickname, and network details.

What kind of security is involved? VPN is known to be secure. In fact, all the connections made via hamachi are secured. Everything is encrypted. Each user is assigned a public key for encrypting all the data to be sent and a private key is used for decrypting. It is much secure so bittorrent connections can breathe without second thoughts.

Networks? Everyone can create and join existing networks. Creating a new network requires you to input a “Network Name” and “Password”. I don’t need to go into details as it is really easy. Joining a network involves you to input “Network Name” and “Password” if required.

Maybe you might want to join ours, it is still virgin.

Network Name: Geek Scribes

Password: whosaidpassword?

Finally, it is available both in free and premium edition. Grab it now. Enjoy, hope to see you in Geek Scribes.

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