Demonoid is Back Online



Finally the guys behind the little devil made it. There are back online, according to an article by torrentfreak, they are now based in Russia. Will it be their save haven? Lets all sit back and watch. Those who already have a Demonoid account, Leech and Seed the best you can!!! Let the community kick back to life again.

It has been almost a year after Demonoid had been brought down by the “anti-piracy” guys. It started in June 2007 and has been its end, on this 12th April 2008. Lets all cross fingers. As for me I am still searching for an invite or the opportunity to grab an account. Whilst being a semi private bittorrent tracker, the general public had the opportunity to leech from its “inferno” tracker before getting kicked.

Many Indexes were relying on demonoid for tracking their torrents. For instance, ebookshare was tracking its torrents on demonoid and shifted to the piratebay after the demons went offline. I have been leeching on its public trackers often and I had experienced much of good download rates. At times I even maxed out my connection. Considering how much my ISP sucks. (sorry the people being the server screens, the truth hurts, I know :P)

I hope that Demonoid would stay put, and let everyone relish the icings. You can always head over torrenfreak to read more.

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