China Channel Firefox Addon: Experience Internet Censorship


I’ve seen my fair share of Firefox addons. There are addons that can make your browser do virtually anything, including controlling your music player from your browser if you wish, or get live weather info, or draw diagrams, or… or anything else I can’t think of.

Today, however, I encountered an addon in my feeds that I found particularly interesting. It’s called the China Channel Addon.

What does it do? It gives you a taste of what it means to surf the Internet in China.

As you probably know, the Great Chinese Firewall (or Golden Firewall) is used to censor the Chinese Internet and prevent people from looking up subjects like “Free Tibet”. I guess they just get a “Page cannot be found” or “Error 404” or possibly very long wait times with no page displayed at the end.

Well, this addon recreates this effect. It places you behind the Great Firewall, and allows you to see what Internet Censorship means.

Personally, I don’t find any day-to-day use to this addon. It’s just a curiosity I wanted to share with you.

Now, if ever you are preparing a project or paper on Internet censorship or something like that, you may want to experience this effect first hand, and the China Channel Addon is what you will need.

Any other interesting Firefox Addons you would like to share?

  • Starting this Dec, all Chinese Internet users in cybercafés will be photographed.

    Obviously, this addon doesn’t do that yet… 😛

  • InF

    Not yet!

    But that’s a bit of extreme anti-privacy, no? Photographing users? What next? You will be asked for a fingerprint and a DNA sample? The world is heading to a strange place. :s

  • Well, I did have to give my fingerprint in France to have my ID card…

    So, on for FF addons:
    Boox enhances your RSS feeds if you have them as favorites on your browser.

    Firebug and Webdev toolbar for web development.

    Hide Menu Bar (do you ever use the menu bar? really…)

    DownThemAll, superfast, multi-thread, regex compliant downloader, a charm.

    GSpace, turns your 7 Giga Gmail account into a 7 Giga drive space for free!


  • InF

    Welcome Webdesign Bureau!

    Among the extensions you listed,

    I only use Webdev toolbar and DownThenALL, both of which are a must for FF.

    I’ll recommend Brief for reading RSS feeds, which imho is the best and easiest to use client. I also use RSSTicker, which displays all my feeds scrolling down my status bar.

    Also, thank you! You just gave me an idea for a new post. 🙂

  • Thanks. Great if I gave you some new ideas. 😀

  • China…. I talk on it later…it make me remember smthing very silly wlol.

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