AVG: Update needs restart solution


I was recently having a small problem with AVG Antivirus 8 Free. The problem was that the Update Manager said that the update was successful, but then “The update needs restart”.

However, the problem was that even if I did restart, the thing would just stay there, saying “The update needs restart”. The biggest issue was that the Virus Definitions were not being updated.

I tried adjusting the settings for Update and other stuff, none worked. However, the solution to this problem is quite easy. So follow these lines if you are having the same problem. Tested with AVG8, since it’s only with it that I got the problem.

First, go to AVG and do “Update Now”. The update will seem to complete, but will say “The Update needs restart” as usual.

Now, head to your install directory, which for most of you will be: “C:/Program Files/AVG/AVG8”.

In this directory, you will find a file named “updatecomps.cfg”. What you need to do is to either delete this file (kind of unsafe, untested) or just rename it to something like “updatecomps.cfg_old” or “updatecomps.old” like I did.

Update: Sidjsns says that the “updatecomps.cfg” file is not found under a “server” subdirectory. Thanks!

After that, go back to AVG and do another Update Now. The Update should proceed normally, and it will ask you for another restart. After that restart, things should be ok. Your Virus Definitions and other stuff will be up to date.

I tested the above and it worked for me. I forgot exactly where I got the solution, but I think it must be some forum. Credits to the person who found how to solve this. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks. Will be useful as am downloading avg too. πŸ˜€

  • this will surely help people like me lol

  • Mara

    Thank you so much. I thought that I’ll have to uninstall AVG and download it again…

  • InF

    Heh! Thought it might be helpful! πŸ™‚

    Lemme know if the solution works for you people who test it. It worked for me, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

  • Mara

    It worked for me too. Thanks again.

  • I don’t have an updatecomps.cfg file… what’s up with that? sigh

  • You must have it. See the location pointed at in the post. πŸ˜€

  • Piegie

    I don’t have updatecomps.cfg, but I do have updatecomps.bak

  • InF

    You need to follow the steps pretty closely.

    So you need to update first (manually from the main AVG window), let it fail again, THEN go to your folder and see that updatecomps.cfg file. Then delete the file, update again, then restart. That should solve the issue.

    That’s what I did anyway and it worked.

    You can also try to rename that updatecomps.bak to something else and see. Like “update_comps.2bak”.

    Try and let me know.

  • Piegie

    Hmm, it seems it works again :d
    I recently updated to the new version of AVG,
    and the interface didn’t changed, but now it is.
    So I think this solved my problem πŸ™‚
    Tnx anyway ^^

  • sidjnsn

    On 8.5, the .cfg file is in a “server” subdirectory.

  • InF

    Thanks for this update! πŸ™‚

    I’ll integrate it in the article, Sidjnsn.

  • Kestrelle

    I am using 8.5
    I deleted the cfg files, clicked “update now”, received the same message and restarted as was recommended.
    But after the restart I still received the same message: “The update needs restart.”
    Are there any other recommendations?

  • keith_leitch

    Version 9 now, but I am getting pretty desperate. Like others, I have no updatecomps.cfg file, no matter how carefully I follow these instructions. I have changed the name of the .bak file, to no avail. I have also tried a manual update according to http://www.ehow.com/how_4762934_manually-update-avg-edition.html , but AVG just persists in asking for restart after fruitless restart.

  • InF

    I haven’t upgraded yet. I hope version 9 is not as bloated as 8. :/

  • keith_leitch

    It is worse. I am about to give up on the product. I did manage to get it updated after about 20 tries–although I don’t know why the update finally worked–but I have since realised that my scans are running so slowly that they do not complete before my automatic restart kicks in. If I set them to “fast scan,” they take over the system and my other tasks crash. I have been hearing good things about Avast! Antivirus free, and I think I may give it a try for awhile.

  • InF

    Haven’t tried Avast, but I’ve tried Antivir.

    I’m about to give up AVG too. Too much of resource hog. When it scans, it slows everything down to a crawl sometimes.

    Antivir is quite good. But, it’s nearly useless as it never manages to auto-update. I have to do it manually, and even then it tends to fail.

  • Monids!

    worked for me..just changed the “update_comps.bak” to anything..then tried to update…after the update got finished (the error message is still there)…tried to restart the whole PC…then after I opened AVG…It now Good!…Thanks!

  • InF

    A small detour, but it’s good that the solution works for you!

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