Firefox Tip: Keep bookmarks menu open after click


If you have been using Firefox, and like me, make full use of your bookmarks and the Bookmarks Toolbar, then you must have noticed that as soon as you click a link, the menu closes, making multiple-selection of bookmarks to open impossible. That’s a huge annoyance for me.

Luckily, there is a solution that works for the Bookmarks menu, the Bookmarks Toolbar folders (if you have created folders in there. If not, create them! It maintains order) and the History Menu, in case you want to restore multiple closed sites.

The solution is really simple: Just get the Stay-Open Addon from here:

Install it just as you would for any other addon and restart Firefox. No configurations are needed. It worked out-of-the-box for me. However, it works only for Firefox 3 and up I think.

Now, how to use it?

Simple. Open the Bookmarks menu, or other menus I mentioned above, and middle-click an item. You will notice that the menu remains open. You can now continue to middle-click other items if you want to open more.

There is not much to configure, except a single option available in “about:config”. I didn’t require it till now. It’s CTRL-Click functionality which I didn’t need.

Voila! This should help you keep those menus open while you open multiple sites without the menus closing after each click. Specially useful if you use Live Bookmarks from within Firefox to read RSS feeds. You can now open multiple feed items without that menu closing. This is so useful! Makes me wonder why this option is not already a default in Firefox…

  • But why? If you neeed to select multiple bookmarks, just open the bookmarks into the sidebar.
    When FX is open, press CTRL+B.
    Who uses the menu anymore?

  • InF

    I love my screen estate too much to open an unsightly sidebar all the time. That addon works wonders for me!

  • golbarg

    Thanks for the tip, works out-of-the-box as described!

    Ctrl+Click is useful for some laptops 😉

  • InF

    Ah.. Hadn’t thought of laptops. Yep, that’d work.