Some Spams


Introducing the spammers messages.

Your blog is very new, I like! I would like you to update it often! I like your recent posts. You obviously have a natural ability to blog!

– By some s.o.a.b*

Good post! I plan to move into this stuff after I’m done with school, as most of it is time consuming. It’s a great post to reference back to. My blog needs more time to gain in popularity anyway

-By another s.o.a.b*

This is a great article. I’m new to blogging but still learning. Thanks for the great resource.

-By another s.o.a.b*

This is great! It really shows me where to expand my blog. I think that sometime in the future I might try to write a book to go along with my blog, but we will see…Good post with useful tips and ideas

-By another s.o.a.b*

*s.o.a.b = Son of a female dog 🙂

Checking the comments I saw 4 new comments and they were all spams. I need to activate Akismet to deal with the spammers. Do not forget to share your spam comments.

Edit by Inf: redacted the swears! 😀

Also, it seems we have new kinds of spam comments now. Those s.o.b of spammers are very crafty! They put a legit message in the body, and then, put their links as the URL field. This effectively kills the protection offered by most spam-detection plugins.

I’ll put Akismet up today, to see what it can do. Let’s hope for the best. And my greatest F.U to all the spammers out there! F.U S.O.B’s!

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  • Bad luck!

    I just deleted all spams caught by Askimet 😛

    Related article from Morinn.

  • Yashvin, I read Morinn’s article when she published. 😛

  • Lol and the dumbest one is:

    “Nice post. How do I add in Google reader?”

  • InF

    The problem is that it might be a totally legit question. You can only check the url or email for validity now! :s