Mozilla Firefox Tools to Simplify Blogging


i love blogging

From a mere crush on blogging, many has fallen in love. In fact, it is addictive. Finding the right tools you will achieve bliss. The few words you write helps you as a being, and these very few words matters to the online community. Lets see some Firefox Addons that will help.

Fireshot makes blogging web pages you like even easier. No need for the traditional “Print Screen” and Paste in image editor. Yes, the bulky way. With a couple of key strokes you are ready (CTRL+ALT+Z). Or even better, at your top right hand corner of your browser there is a classy button for you to “click and catch”. Adding to its default functionality there is an embedded editor which will allow you to annotate the screen shots you make. That is pretty useful as you catch as you go. But mind it,this addon is only available for the windows users.

Fancy Numbered Tabs takes tabbing to the next generation with Mozilla Firefox. While writing, you get glued to your keyboard. Finding your mouse often breaks your line of thought. While trying to make reference to other pages , you will find it rather handy. With a simple “CTRL + [1-9]” or “ALT + [1-9]” you can jump to any tab you wish. What really happen to your tabs? Instead of your little “X”, there is a number assigned to each tabs. With “CTRL + Desired tab number” you go directly to it, without getting your face off the monitor.

LinkChecker allows you to blog more efficiently. You would not want to include a dead link by mistake. After searching for your materials to include in your next killer article with a right click and a left click you would a safe from dead links. LinkChecker will go though each and every links on the page you are referring to and highlight valid links with green, broken links with red (needing attention) and skipped links with grey. You can take appropriate measures to correct for the faults.

Google Browser Sync will allow you to bookmark wherever you are. At work you will now be blogging. But yet, what will you be doing you got an interesting link? Ideally at home you would have bookmarked and referred to later on. But at work? Just bookmark on your computer and let Google handle the synchronisation and get ready for some writings.

ReminderFox lets you manage your to do list and reminders. Ideas may pop up as you browse and they are easy to forget. 😛 With an easy to go interface and comprehensive function set jot them down as they surface. When it is time to write just go through them to get a better picture of what awaits. Now lets imagine you want to write in accordance to an special event. I am such a freak when it concerns dates, ReminderFox is the perfect solution for your reminders. Just add them and they will appear in your status bar.

Google Notebook features another great Mozilla Firefox Addon. Make notes as you browse. Don’t you think this will help? I do. If ever you copied any part from a page (inspiring words) it gets into the notebook along with the page you were browsing as you add new note. Use it the right way and you will be the winner.

CopyPlainText is yet another useful addon for copying around. We don’t want to copy the formatting, just the content. This one satisfies your first for copying.

Take a look at what the Lifehacker’s editor has written on blogging tools.

I hope this will help your blogging experience. Your recommendations will be appreciated.