DCL to introduce Wireless Internet in Mauritius




I found this interesting article in Le Mauricien today, and I thought I might share it with you folks, if ever you may have missed it.

As you can read, it’s about DCL (Data Communications Ltd.) introducing a wireless Internet connection here in Mauritius. Nothing surprising here, since you might say that Network Plus’ Nomad is already here.

Even I say the same thing, and we all know that whatever the ads may say, Nomad still has some problems in some regions of Mauritius. Can’t blame them if Mauritius is a mountainous country, and if wireless signals can’t go through mountains so well.

Due to the short length of the article, not much details are provided just yet. It appears to be long-range, but there are no details about the underlying technology, for example whether it’s WiMax or something like that.

What is mentioned is “haut débit” which I hope is better than the 256K and 512K that we currently have now (for users like me, megabit is out of price!). I wouldn’t mind a megabit, wireless connection if it’s fairly priced and uncapped (or high cap).

Another good thing. The creation of DCL Telecoms, so this could probably indicate the coming in of another ISP on the national market. DCL was already there, and it’s just that the company *might* dedicate more efforts to Internet now. This is just my opinion, huh! 😛

There is not much info now, so let’s wait and see what happens, and if ever the project can survive.

  • Seems like DCL had a makeover (new logo & maybe new management), a bit like the New Improved Nomad. 😛

    If it’s wireless (that’s the only way you can compete against Orange), most probably it will either be WiMax or HSDPA! 🙂

  • Interesting. I thought it was done being a competitor to MT/Orange. DCL has as main competitor – Emtel which is providing a reliable service. I, for one, shall stick to Emtel unless DCL provides more features than the ones offered by Emtel and other competitors.

  • Hope DCL provide a much better service but most importantly at a very competitive price too!