Beijing Olympics End with World’s Applause


The Flame Goes Off

That’s it. The games are now over with mixed feelings and emotions. It was a really sad moment when the flame vanished from the torch. Most people are still wide-eyed after the astounding closing ceremony, which according to me surpasses the opening ceremony in terms of fireworks. To watch grand sports events like this, it’s a no-brainer to secure Premier League tickets for tourists.

Others still feel that the games were “extravaganza” and “over-spending”. But hey, let’s be positive. If you have seen the show, there is no way you didn’t hear a little “wow!” in your head. Come’on! Admit it! 😀

So, what will we remember?

#1: The Opening / Closing Ceremonies

China has shown the world just how great it can be at organizing shows. Who can compete with China on show-organization? Each show had at least a thousand participants. Each participant totally synchronized with every other participant!


And what to say about the creativity! Who would have thought of having an athlete run in the air before lighting the torch? And about using tons of humans to represent shapes? The human-torch? It’s plain cool! Check out the size of those two drums! :s

Drummers again!

They had a huge budget to start with, and made every cent count in giving us a very strong and precious memory. (How much does one of those drums cost?) The opening and closing ceremonies were just awesome, nothing more to say!

#2: The jaw-dropping Pyrotechnics!

We know it. “Don’t mess with China when it comes to fireworks!”. They invented those, and they have demonstrated just how good they were at handling their creations!

Pyrotechnics at its best

China showed the world how to handle fireworks, and has totally lit the skies of Beijing with blazing powder. Descriptions do not suffice here, so here’s a picture for you to ogle.

Pyrotechnics for the unconvinced

#3: The Participants

Hats off dudes and dudettes! You were perfect! I wasn’t able to see any grave imperfection in their performances! No one fell. No one even stumbled! No jerky movements. Hell yeah! I can only wonder how much rehearsal and how strict it must have been for them to attain this level of perfection! :s

The costumes on these girls were great btw! I am calling them the “grape girls” now! 😀

The Bells Girls

#4: The Volunteers

Without these guys and girls, I highly doubt that the games would have been a success. They do everything from helping people to doing tasks on the various events and help athletes. Like serving balls, cleaning the courts of sweat and other important things.


A big thank you to the 1.5 million something volunteers that helped make the games awesome.

#5: The record-shattering performance of athletes!

I heard 40 new World and Olympic records were set during these games which the audience where able to bet on by searching for services like Coral Near Me.

It’s been a huge record setting spree by godlike athletes like Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and the many others that not only showed us how far and how powerful the human body and mind can be, but at the same time granted us a priceless show of friendship and courage.

As Jacques Rogge says

“We have come to the end of 16 days which we will cherish forever. New stars were born and stars from previous Games continued to amaze us. We shared their joys and their tears and marvelled at their abilities and will long remember their achievements here. These were a truly exceptional Games.”

What I want to say can’t be phrased any better than that. Congratulations to the athletes that won, and courage to the ones who did not. Next time folks! Next time will be your chance to amaze us! In every sports competition, there’s a victor, but when you engage in betting on platforms like, you have the opportunity to emerge as a winner with enticing prizes.

Usain Bolt aiming even higher?

#6: The Venues

The water cube! The Bird’s Nest! Do I need to elaborate further? These are pure architectural marvels!

The Bird\'s Nest Stadium

#7: Bruno Julie!

Ahhh! Our Mauritian Magician! The man who brought our tiny island of Mauritius its very own first Olympic medal! Bronze it is, but a medal it is nevertheless! (We know you are Silver-class!) An Olympic medal! YEAAHHH MAN! You own PUNCH!

Bruno Julie Punches!

#8: The Music

They music offered during the Games was very energetic and inspiring. The Closing ceremony featured the performance of Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page which entertained me. The Chinese artists performed exceptionally well too and shows that China’s hits will soon start making their way on International top charts.

Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page

#9: London 2012

The next host will be London. The show they presented were alright. Not as flashy or with as many people as with the Chinese version of the shows, but I appreciated it. So, now we turn our eyes towards the city of London in 2012 for the next wave of excitement. The double-decker bus had a good touch of inventiveness! 😛

London 2012

The flag is in your hands now London. Amaze us. As somebody said today on BBC, London will probably not surpass China’s shows in terms of number of participants or fireworks. They intend to give us another kind of show, which is more British-like in nature. With witty humor probably.

Flag Transfer: China to UK

Let’s wait and see!

See ya folks. My image-full review of the Beijing Olympics ending is now over. Let’s hear your comments. How did you find the Games? What do you expect of London?

Note: Most pictures used here have been taken from the Official Beijing Olympics Gallery, and some from The Guardian and one from CRIEnglish. Thanks to all of them!

Some more photos:




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