Farcry 2 features a Mauritian Mercenary!


Farcry 2 Mauritian Character\'s Bio

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Farcry 2 has positioned itself as a very probable candidate for the “Game of the Year” with highly advanced AI and graphics. It was to be expected from the guys that made Crysis and the Cry Engine. At The same time, games at 666 casino was considered one of the best to play online. If you have ever seen the screenshots of FC2, you know what I’m talking about. If not, then see this video as a teaser.

It’s already out, and you can go and buy/download your copy now itself. It appears to be a game that’s worth playing.

It has not yet reached me, and as soon as I finish it, you will have my review here on GS.

My friend just informed me of something really interesting. Farcry 2 is about you being a mercenary, and progressing through the game doing missions for various factions and everything.

The interesting thing? One of the playable characters is a Mauritian! Yes, you read it right. You can play as a Mauritian, called Quarbani Singh, coming from Port Louis! (Fictitious person I hope!). Apparently, he’s a retired SMF! Thumbs up for detail!

It’s amazing that some big developers like Ubisoft knows about our tiny Island, and even features a Mauritian character! Thank you Ubisoft! I guess it’s probably that one of the developers there visited Mauritius and wanted to let others know Mauritius is great, or something like that. Or there is a Mauritian developer there. Nevertheless, it’s much appreciated.

This will probably boost knowledge about Mauritius among the gaming community, which is not a bad thing. They will get to know how crappy our Internet speeds are, and gamers value speed! ๐Ÿ˜›

So, what do you think about it? Will Mauritius be better known?

  • Its not the first time Ubisoft used the name Mauritius in their game… I don’t remember which game it was that I played.. It was from ubisoft itself and one of the location of a mission was in a villas in Mauritius.

    Been a long time I am not playing these wonderful games… Due to busy schedule (Uni, assignments etc) Am waiting for uni to end or even during the holidays of december to switch to my gaming Mode wlol…I have two games I got from a friend which I have not yet played… You play SHADE? I dunno if its good… the cds are sleeping in my game cd box wlol.

  • ๐Ÿ˜€ He might need a Scud Missile. Priscus knows where they are. The trailer videos are really great. Hope the gameplay is as good as it looks like.

  • Cant play games coz of my crap PC… but I loved Crysis’s graphics! So FarCry 2 should be equally top-notch! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for the Mauritian ex-SMF mercenary… there’s no doubt that it’s a Mauritian programmer… ๐Ÿ˜›

  • InF

    Farcry 2 promises a totally open map, where you are free to roam around, pickup missions whenever you feel like it. You have a number of ways to take out your enemies. Either go gung-ho and shoot everything and everybody, sneak up on them or use your environment. Like put fire in grass and surround a camp.

    The AI will also be more elaborate, with enemies following you across the map, as long as you are alive or as long as they see you.

    All this promises absolutely great gameplay, and I can only wait for holidays to start it and enjoy it. From the reviews and screenshots, it seems Crysis will be defeated in graphics.

  • WTF?! Really?! This is fraking cool man! Next, we can make a list of the abilities of the virtual character and compare them to the abilities of a SMF solider in real life using a 2 level weight scoring model! This is going to be fun to match the scores.
    Where do I get this epic game? I played FarCry and it kicked ass.
    And I was there awaiting for the MMO of stargate. WTF?! FarCry2 FTW. Quarbani Singh, here I come! I wonder if he has a cute Mauritian daughter who is also an operative and whom we’ve to rescue.
    The ultimate question remains – will Quarbani Singh be swearing in Creole? LOL – Instead of F*ck, he’ll say “taler mo bour toi.” LOL
    (sorry for the swear – you asked me to write as such, inf.) LOL

  • InF

    Lol that would be fun! Specially when you have your character getting shot, and the guy unleashing all the Mauritian swears he knows!

    Farcry 2 is already out mate. Dunno in Mauritius, but it was released 2 weeks or so back in the US and Europe. Check Gamespot for more details.

    Ps. Shah, I really dunno why you are (already) fantasizing on a virtual character’s daughter (if he has any)!

  • “I really dunno why you are (already) fantasizing on a virtual characterโ€™s daughter (if he has any)!”

    Digital Hotness is a need. Plus, there could be cheats to see her topless and doing all kinds of shit, man! I hope that Far Cry 2 will live to my expectations, and give me the threesome GTA couldn’t give me.

  • To inf: 2 cries 1 cup

  • Guru

    The right degree of digital hotness is good enough InF. WTF? Are you gay?

  • InF

    I still prefer the gentle touch of a real human female, to the digital caress of a digital hotty!

    – Quoted, InF – 2008

    Lol. Brain slightly shaken up with excess Bresenham algo’s ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • reviving the 2 cries 1 cup post.

    I love FarCry2 and my graphics card lol

  • InF

    Dude. Farcry 2 is boring. Play it for a few hours and you will see.

    That’s the first game I ever played that was totally NOT fun. It kinds of defeat the purpose of a game.

    Good graphics yeah. Great realism yeah. But driving 10 minutes between mission from X location to Pala, then to Y location (20 mins wasted driving) drives me mad after a while.

    Advice: if you will play it, use the bus! It’s a life saver! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Human Unit

    I was just as excited to find a Mauritian merc! Hailing myself from the tiny island, it would have been betrayal if I didn’t play as Quarbani Singh first time round.

  • InF

    Have you managed to complete FC2 Human Unit?

    I gave up half way. It was too damn boring to always have to travel. Made me wish somebody had invented teleportation there. :/

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