Orange Mauritius Announces Price Cuts, Speed Boosts


Orange (and Mauritius Telecom), have just announced our Christmas gift for the year 2010: ADSL users can expect a reduction in prices and MyT users will see their current speed doubled. The changes will start taking effect as from 1st December 2010.

Update 0: I put this as Update Zero because it’s most important: MyT Users with NO TV option will get neither speed boost NOR price cut, as confirmed on TheMediaGuru’s comment section. You will have to pay Rs. 999 (Rs. 151 extra!) if you want more speed.

Update 1: According to the user “Sab” on TheMediaGuru’s article (see link below), there won’t be any speed boosts for ADSL users, only the Rs. 100 reduction in prices.

Update 2: The price decrease / speed boosting is not pleasing everybody. There are some complaints coming from Jeyen Chellum and ACIM that Orange has done something weird or how it was ICTA’s role to announce the price cuts. I’ll admit, I didn’t understand what the problem was myself. Moreover, commenters on the L’Express article would prefer a price-cut over a speed boost. I personally prefer a speed boost over a price cut. I am opening a poll for you to answer this question.

[poll id=”2″]

Update 3: FUP no longer applies to MyT. Not that it was ever applied…

Update 4: You may be interested in this article too…

Here is a summary of the changes for ADSL (All prices are Vat Inclusive):

  • ADSL Home 256 Kbps(3GB Cap Limit): Rs. 499Rs. 399
  • ADSL Home 512 Kbps: Rs. 848Rs. 759
  • ADSL 128 Kbps for Rodrigues: Rs. 499Rs. 399
  • ADSL Business package prices fall by 10%. New prices will probably be:
    • ADSL Business 256 Kbps: Rs. 1840Rs. 1656
    • ADSL Business 512 Kbps: Rs. 2875Rs. 2587.50
    • ADSL Business 1 Mbps: Rs. 5750Rs. 5175
    • ADSL Business 2 Mbps: Rs. 10235Rs. 9211
  • Dedicated Lines fall by 24%

MyT prices remain unchanged, but the speed doubles:

  • MyT 512 Kbps → MyT 1 Mbps
  • MyT 1 Mbps → MyT 2Mbps
  • MyT 2Mbps → MyT 4Mbps (!!)

MyT will also offer 3 new channels – Boing, MCM Top and Motor TV and add more titles to its Video on Demand service.

There is no word yet on whether the speed doubling will be applied to existing ADSL users (like me). I hope the Christmas gift comes to us ADSL users too. I’ll update this article as more details surface.

If you have any more information, please do share!

Hat-tip to TheMediaGuru for sharing the initial news.


  • jens

    what about existing users of ADSL HOME 1MB?
    will the price be reduced by Rs 100?
    nothing is mentioned for 1MB ADSL.

    Have orange forgotten us?

  • darklide

    Nice article. This just shows how lame Orange is. The “baisse de tarif” is just peanuts. They could have done the same as for MyT users ie doubling the speed. Hopefully they will do it soon

  • InF


    Nothing yet on the 1Mbps ADSL. No reduction, no speed boost, nothing.

    Let’s hope Orange hasn’t forgotten us, as you say.

  • YNK FC

    I’ve also got ADSL 512….

    I would, without doubt, opt for double speed over the Rs100 decrease.. In fact, we are paying more when compared to MyT subscribers now…

  • jens

    Do anyone know the price fall for ADSL Home 1MB?
    seriously if it’s only Rs 100, orange is joking with us..

    MY.T 1MB is Rs 999

  • Jotish

    well well Mr. Inf… nice blog! X) and clarel, myT is doubling the speed as from tomorrow. but unlucky us we wont be getting 4mb connection locally as ive been calculating on my way home from hearing the news on the radio….it shall stay at a 2mb connection locally.

    But 1mb con is kinda cool, we’ll be able to stream from spankwire like they’ve installed a caching server here itself…and they’ve been upping in HD now! so you get the idea…1MB IS GOOOOOOOD! 😛

  • InF

    @Jens: Logically, it’s Rs. 100 decrease too.

    @Jotish: I have 1 Mbps ADSL. It’s not that great, trust me. Some streams do lag. And footie streams are hell. Experience Lag when there’s a goal and you’ll see…

    I’m considering migrating to MyT 2Mbps. It’s more expensive than my current ADSL package.

    Something weird though. Orange says they can’t upgrade ADSL lines due to noise or some other limitation. How come ADSL Business 2Mbps is offered then?

    I’d like someone to enlighten me on that.

  • jens

    i’ve check my elgibility on

    with my phone number i’m eligible to only My.t 1MB , My.t 2MB

    so i’m not eligible to my.T 4 Mb.

    with a relative’s phone number, and the latter is eligible to all packages 1 -4 MB.

    so i guess it’s because of noise limitation that customers cannot be offered high speed packages…

  • InF

    “You are eligible to MyT 1M, MyT 2M and MyT 4M”

    Guess I’m luckier!

    Although: Monthly Rental (VAT inc.) Rs 1,699 is more than I pay for my current 1Mbps ADSL line…

  • Jotish

    well i was hoping for some 4mb con local! but 1mb is BETTER compared to 512k, we can all agree to that. and there’ll be a slight improvement on streaming too.

    hey inf, how about a new topic on COD BO and how it sucks and how it lags and how it married windows vista and inherited the ‘gimme gimme more’ resources…? 😛

  • Jotish

    hey are you being sponsored by orange? X)

  • InF

    @Jotish: Nay, not sponsored by Orange. Ripped off by them, probably!

    I’ve not played Black Ops, so I can’t comment on it… yet! But it’s developed by Treyarch studios. They did good work on CoD World at War, but it’s not comparable to Modern Warfare’s level. I don’t have high hopes.

    Btw, sorry! Forgot to welcome you to my blog… so uh, “Welcome to my blog!”

  • Jotish

    haha no worries! ive been through some posts well not all of them eventually until i realised ,damn that thing is old! 😛 how come it did not come across before 🙁

    hats off man! great blog, great posts!

    i havent played world at war…but yeah MOD WAR is ultimately the best COD released, particularly the 1st one. do you recall the chernobyl mission? X) wicked awesome huh?

    #blog bookmarked!

  • Jotish

    *i did not come across it before … IT’S 12.11 in the morning!! blame the caffeine…:P

  • InF

    Thanks! :p

    And the Chernobyl mission is awesome! And what a finale!

  • 1st December is nearly over and most of the myT residents in the north still haven’t get their speed boost. Some like me have their speed being halved. Max speed is 295 kbps ( myT 1mbps). I wonder if ever Orange Mauritius will provide us with a decent and QUALITY service.
    In the mean time #ORANGEMAURITIUSFAIL . . .

  • InF

    That fails so hard, Tushal! Speed decrease, lol!

  • Mysteryos

    With great power comes great responsibilities,
    With greater bandwidth comes greater capping xD

  • InF

    FUP (aka Capping) no longer “officially” applies to new MyT (post speed boost)… See update.

  •, contact me if you need help to increase your (A)DSL connection or Broadland(MyT) connection!!!

  • Inf, my speed is always ubber crap in a fix time period. And now during the holidays, the time period has been extended to a great extent. The only way I can make full use of my connection is by launching parallel downloads on IDM.
    Most of the time the combined download speed gets around 80KB/s to 100KB/s for a crap 512 kbps connection. ^_^

  • Fayaaz

    i’ve been hearing about the boost in speed of myT for about a month and some of my mates already have had their net speed increased. but my speed is still 54.0 Mbps. I’ve the rs 1000 package inc TV option. ive also heard that the speed boost is based on regionalisation, meaning that not everywhere the speed will be boosted.

    Is there anything I can do to increase my net speed?


  • jens

    54.0Mbps is not the speed of your internet connection..
    rather it is the speed of your LAN

    Do a speedtest of
    to see the speed of your internet connection.