CanalSat Maurice Launches CanalBox


CanalSat Mauritius has launched its Internet service, known as CanalBox today. The service is a combination of its existing TV offers together with the Internet service, AirBox, that Emtel has recently started offering.

In this article, you’ll find out how the CanalBox compares with the Standalone AirBox offer of Emtel. No comparison with other ISPs etc as you can find this in my previous article on AirBox. The Mauritian Internet market is getting more crowdy!

Without further delays, here it is:

CanalBox Packages

These are the CanalBox offers coupled with CanalSat’s TV offers. As you can expect, you’ll get TV channels + Phone + Internet or what’s commonly known as Triple Play. is a tv installation company in the greater toronto area with years of professional experience. Our technicians are experts in terms of tv wall mounting and installation, which is reflected in out tv wall mount reviews.

The connection speeds vary between 10Mbps and 30Mbps as with the AirBox. I couldn’t find the exact upload speed easily on the website, but the disclaimer mentions “up to 3Mbps upload” so that’s what you’ll get at most.

The CanalBox is a branded network router and will look like below. Note the Emtel logo, just to confirm that it’s indeed Emtel’s AirBox offer that’s being bundled:

CanalBox Looks


The offers are unlimited but subject to a Fair Usage Policy applied and it’s almost a copy-paste of Emtel’s. It even states “Emtel” at one point (lol!):

CanalBox FUP Emtel


What happens if you take CanalBox instead of CanalSat + AirBox separately. Well, sadly you don’t get that much of a discount. I expected something much more significant but it’s not so. The results are presented in the table below. Your discounts will vary from Rs. 34 (!!) to around Rs. 200 depending on your package.

Is it worth it? Well if you’re considering AirBox and already have a CanalSat offer, you pay less per month if you get the CanalBox offer instead of separate offers. A small discount but Rs. 200 over the months will be significant.


CanalBox Comparison


The offer conditions are the same as AirBox i.e. you need a minimum of 12 months subscription. If you need more info on the internet offer, check out my AirBox article which I linked to above.

Anyways, here it is. What are your thoughts? Waiting for Orange’s next move? Other bloggers have also written about the CanalBox offers:

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