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Beijing Olympics End with World’s Applause


The Flame Goes Off

That’s it. The games are now over with mixed feelings and emotions. It was a really sad moment when the flame vanished from the torch. Most people are still wide-eyed after the astounding closing ceremony, which according to me surpasses the opening ceremony in terms of fireworks. To watch grand sports events like this, it’s a no-brainer to secure Premier League tickets for tourists.

Others still feel that the games were “extravaganza” and “over-spending”. But hey, let’s be positive. If you have seen the show, there is no way you didn’t hear a little “wow!” in your head. Come’on! Admit it! 😀

So, what will we remember?

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Congrats Bruno Julie!


Bruno Julie Punches!

As a fellow Mauritian, it is my duty to congratulate the Mauritian Magician (or the Creole Crusher, or The Dark Horse, …). He is a man of many nicknames, but with an undeniably powerful punch. Powerful enough to bring Mauritius it’s FIRST Olympic medal.

Bronze it is, but a medal is a medal. It’s value is no less. And this man got it! You have shown the entire world that Mauritius exists on the world map, no matter how small our island is.

The apparent hit below the belt, the controversial judge decision has prevented you from bringing us the Silver medal, but we know you would have won anyways. We know it. The commentators know it. For us, you won! It’s a good start. A very good start indeed!