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Some Updates (and one rant)


Hello readers! No, I am not dead nor kidnapped by aliens nor anything else. I am just extremely busy with my life. Hell, CSE eats time. It just ATE my holidays! Who in their sane minds give 3 major assignments in a 2-months holidays?? Blame my lecturers!

I am just here to say sorry that I am unable to blog often now, but hey, it’s life. From now on, I’ll TRY (I say TRY) to blog about short tidbits here and there, instead of long articles. That’s until I end my Year 2, and all the assignments and whatever else associated with it.

For me to get some more sympathy, consider this: I got a test week (6 modules’ tests in one week!) in 3 weeks time. I got to submit 3 assignments (that’s till now, possibly more to come) by the end of the semester. And to conclude it all, I got exams (6 modules again!) that will cover the whole 2nd academic year’s content!! What the HELL! (Same for Guru btw) :/

Therefore, I ask for comprehension from your part. Don’t expect updates too often.

And now, time for the rant. You can guess towards what. ORANGE! :/

Damn them! I just noticed something funny today. I got a router, and I can see lights flash on it when I download. Well, guess what. Every 5 secs, the lights stop flashing, as if the download momentarily pauses. Then it resumes. I just timed it using a stopwatch. Every 5 seconds, there is a break!

Do you think this is normal? I bet this is some new form of capping or download regulation for “heavy” downloaders. I still haven’t exceeded 10GB download this month, so I really want to know what they consider to be “heavy downloading” for a 512K user.

Also, I got something to blog about Orange/Mauritius Telecom. They don’t do everything badly, as one would expect. This article will come soon, probably tomorrow hopefully, so wait for it. It’ll be a short one, I guess.

Pious Maha Shivratree to all. And bye, dear readers. 🙂