Orange Mauritius Launches 100Mbps FTTH Connection


That’s it folks! The small island of Mauritius now has 100Mbps Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) available, courtesy of Orange Mauritius. Just in case you missed all the advertising billboards, newspapers and everywhere else…

Orange MU 100Mbps FTTH

Granted, it still costs a lot at Rs. 3999 / month, but hey, it’s a start in comparing us with the likes of Europe and South Korea! You get 100Mbps upload and 20Mbps download.

Regarding the FUP, if I understood the 100Mbps FAQ correctly, the connection should be unlimited subject to a fair usage policy (FUP) applied but no speed decreases like the 10/20/30 Mbps FTTH offers. This remains to be confirmed though. Drop me a comment if you got more information regarding this, thanks!

Congratulations to Orange for the launch and for bringing Mauritius closer to being a real “cyber island”. They also took the opportunity to re-brand their visual identity and logo, which looks quite nice and colourful now:

MyT New Logo 2016

P.s. Do check out the User Guide. It’s quite informative.