Orange Mauritius Launches 100Mbps FTTH Connection


That’s it folks! The small island of Mauritius now has 100Mbps Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) available, courtesy of Orange Mauritius while there are other options for business, as you can see in this business broadband deals online. Just in case you missed all the advertising billboards, newspapers and everywhere else. Get high speed internet for your home and business when you contact local internet providers. amazon queen bed sheets

Orange MU 100Mbps FTTH

Granted, it still costs a lot at Rs. 3999 / month, but hey, it’s a start in comparing us with the likes of Europe and South Korea! You get 100Mbps upload and 20Mbps download. If you need an internet connection that’s faster than this, then you should consider switching to a software defined WAN.

Regarding the FUP, if I understood the 100Mbps FAQ correctly, the connection should be unlimited subject to a fair usage policy (FUP) applied but no speed decreases like the 10/20/30 Mbps FTTH offers. This remains to be confirmed though. Drop me a comment if you got more information regarding this, thanks! If you want other options for internet providers, visit and see if they can service your area, and if you have a business learning about employee incentive programs can be useful to keep your business productive.

Congratulations to Orange for the launch and for bringing Mauritius closer to being a real “cyber island”. They also took the opportunity to re-brand their visual identity and logo, which looks quite nice and colourful now:

MyT New Logo 2016

P.s. Do check out the User Guide. It’s quite informative.