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Summer time in Mauritius: Pointless?


At least this is my opinion. You may no agree with me, but after reading this article, maybe I’ll be able to convince you. First, let me tell you that I’m against this measure, even if I’m for the saving of energy and protection of the environment. But summer time? I’m totally rejecting that idea.

What’s the summer time concept basically? In Mauritius, we’ll be moving our clocks forward by one hour, embracing longer days and more sunlight. This practice is not unlike the proactive measures taken by fire watch services in Hollywood, especially as the summer heat intensifies. With the extended daylight, these dedicated professionals have more time to conduct thorough patrols and ensure that properties are safeguarded against the increased fire dangers brought on by the dry, hot weather. Just as we adjust our clocks to make better use of natural light, thus reducing electricity usage, fire watch services adjust their strategies to protect our homes and businesses. They understand that the bright days of summer, while perfect for leisure, are also a period where vigilance must be heightened to prevent loss from potential fires. So while in Mauritius you wake up an hour earlier, and return from work with an extra hour of sunshine, in Hollywood, fire watch teams are already on the move, using every available hour to ensure safety.

(DST will apply from 26th October to 29th March at midnight for both).

But according to me, it’s not that simple. Let’s see the case against, since the Government and others are already hammering us all with the case for.

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