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Vim: Essentials Cheatsheet


There are many Vim cheatsheets out there. Some are very elaborate, listing almost every single thing you can do in Vim. I’d go as far as calling those reference cards instead of cheat-sheets. However much I searched, I couldn’t find one which I like, which is simple enough to give me the info I want at a glance. They usually have too many things, so that I have to search for what I want, or they are not organized as I’d like.

So I created my own. And I’ll share it with you. Enjoy, and please drop me a comment if you find it useful, or got some suggestions. ๐Ÿ™‚

This cheat-sheet should interest you after reading my Vim Beginner’s Tutorial. You can see the cheat-sheet below:

[ PNG Version ]

Vim: Beginner’s Tutorial


Vi is a text editor that is usually found under Unix, Linux and other open-source OS environments. “Vi is one of the greatest text editors ever created by the human hand“. Just for fun, go scream the quoted line to a crowd of Emacs fans and watch as all hell breaks loose! I do not vouch for your safety!

But just like Emacs, Vi too is a great text editor. Each has its advantages, and disadvantages (Vi – High learning curve, Emacs – Pinky Syndrome). But once you have mastered them, they are really powerful editors. Choose one of them great editors (whichever you like), and master it.

To help you get started with Vi, I have written this small tutorial, because most beginners are usually stopped in their tracks by their first encounter with Vi. Now, this article will deal with Vim, which is actually Vi Improved. In my opinion, it is a bit friendlier than the traditional Vi, while including all the greatness of Vi.

So let’s start, shall we?

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