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My New Twitter Account


Shameless self promotion article, just to get more followers on Twitter! Yay!

I’m following like, 10 Mauritan bloggers, but none are following me, not fair! Hopefully this post will get their attention.

So, to start, I decided to start my own (personal) Twitter account, separate from Geekscribes’ Twitter account.

This new account will mostly contain my personal thoughts, but also have Tech news and Geek rants. Mainly short posts and ideas that I don’t want to write a full blog article on. Like this short article itself, which should have been on Twitter!

You’ll be able to find those from the Twitter widget in the right sidebar by the way.

If you are interested, here’s a direct link to my Twitter Account, that is, Inf’s personal Twitter account. @_1nf (underscore-one-enn-eff). “Inf” was already squatted. As was other simpler variations. πŸ™

Geekscribes’ Twitter Account is here, in case you want it too.

And this is how, the smallest post on Geekscribes (till now) concludes!

On Pause for Exams



Icon courtesy of Jojo Mendoza: Available here.

Hello readers, this post is here to tell you that the Geekscribes authors are on pause for the duration and reason stated below.

University End of Year (End of Course) Exams

From: 5th May 2010 Β  —Β Β  To: 15th June 2010

Notes: On Pause means that we will not blog very often/if any. We’ll probably be able to answer your comments though, so leave them. πŸ™‚

Updates: Exams going full swing.In a few weeks and at the end, I will have to present my end of year project etc. So you can imagine that I am a bit busy. I will probably return mid of June and by then, I hope I get some new ideas for Geekscribes. There are some things that need to change and tweak here. I hope to be able to blog on a larger variety of topics too. I dunno yet. Let’s wait for mid June.

Oh, and sorry for that Account Suspended error message. Something weird must have happened.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you for reading GeekScribes. You can still read our Archives if you want to.

Subscribe to our feed to get the latest updates, as soon as we write them.

Thank you for reading GeekScribes. See ya and come back soon!

Unplanned Downtime of 22nd March


Greetings readers!

I am very sorry about what happened over the last two days. There has been unplanned downtime on Geekscribes, due to some laziness on my part.

My webhost, Infolad, informed me that my account needed renewing. However, I have been negligent about checking my emails lately, and I missed the notice. Consequently my hosting account was suspended. It took a bit of time to get the account re-activated.

For that I am sorry. I hope this does not occur again in the future.

P.s. Don’t worry. Geekscribes will not simply vanish without notice. If ever you come and see Geekscribes is not there, it’ll probably mean we are having some issues with the site and trying to figure it out.

Welcome, and enjoy your stay with us at Geekscribes.

Thank you for your visit!

Some Spams


Introducing the spammers messages.

Your blog is very new, I like! I would like you to update it often! I like your recent posts. You obviously have a natural ability to blog!

– By some s.o.a.b*

Good post! I plan to move into this stuff after I’m done with school, as most of it is time consuming. It’s a great post to reference back to. My blog needs more time to gain in popularity anyway

-By another s.o.a.b*

This is a great article. I’m new to blogging but still learning. Thanks for the great resource.

-By another s.o.a.b*

This is great! It really shows me where to expand my blog. I think that sometime in the future I might try to write a book to go along with my blog, but we will see…Good post with useful tips and ideas

-By another s.o.a.b*

*s.o.a.b = Son of a female dog πŸ™‚

Checking the comments I saw 4 new comments and they were all spams. I need to activate Akismet to deal with the spammers. Do not forget to share your spam comments.

Edit by Inf: redacted the swears! πŸ˜€

Also, it seems we have new kinds of spam comments now. Those s.o.b of spammers are very crafty! They put a legit message in the body, and then, put their links as the URL field. This effectively kills the protection offered by most spam-detection plugins.

I’ll put Akismet up today, to see what it can do. Let’s hope for the best. And my greatest F.U to all the spammers out there! F.U S.O.B’s!

We are back


No exams

On the 22th we were free from all the pressures and sleepless nights, a.k.a “The Exams”. πŸ˜€
We would be writing very shortly. But what? Actually we are pretty much drained and got no clue what to write of. (Those who had the exam flu how is it going for you?). My best bet would be:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Tutorials
  • Some random stuffs

Well, the usual stuffs. Now that we are on our own for like 2 months we can tweek GeekScribes and give you readers more. Want to give a helping hand? You can always propose ideas of what we can do.

We were thinking of brining on some more authors. We really need it. Still searching.

This is my short post. Bussiness will resume soon. πŸ˜€

Changes Coming


Test week has been over since Friday and we were late to write somthing new. Moreover, exams coming in 3 weeks πŸ™ That is the sad part. I had a talk with InF, I proposed that we make some changes. As you must be aware, we saw a major hike in numbers of subscribes. We are happy and we want to give a new experience to our readers.

What we want you to do? Subscribe by feed, email, follow us on twitter or bookmark (CTRL + D).

Want to help us make you have a better experience at our place? The comment box is here. Propose, we will consider and implement if we see it in our scope. πŸ˜€

I end here today. Keep visiting and commenting. πŸ˜›

I will update you on any changes. πŸ˜€

Test Week and Exams Ahead



Readers, InF and me are taking a break with blogging for the time being. We have got exams and tests killing us. So bear with us and wait for the next article. πŸ˜€ Thanks for reading. πŸ˜€

Well, maybe in between my revisions I may write a bit. πŸ˜›

From InF:

I need to write my part for this post! Seriously, we are being overkilled by UoM this time. We got test week as from April 6th. That’s next week. We got 4 assignments pending, one which needs to be returned on the last day of test week. The other 3 can be considered major ones.

After test week, we have 3 weeks, 2 weeks + 1 revision week. 3 weeks. 3 assignments. Major ones. Do you think that’s feasible? The best part is that I considered 3 assignments, 3 weeks. I didn’t include revision for exams in there. CSE expects us to do all the assignments, learn 3 language (Scheme, Prolog, AJAX), learn 1 program (PostgreSQL) for the assignments then revise and pass our exams. All this in the 3 weeks to come after test week.

I swear that after the exams are done, I’m going to write a “Rant against my Year 2” post as a Special Post here on GS. I’d even throw in some doodles just to show how the semester went. That’s what I’m going to use my first week of holiday for!

Damn you CSE. You will either drive us mad, or kill us! This shows just how weird UoM can be. Weird and unrealistic! :/