No Posts!


As you see, there are no new posts for almost a week! We are very sorry, but both Neel and myself have been taken up by the Test Week held at UoM. It was on 24th and ended on the 5th, due to the heavy rains that hit Mauritius during the past week.

We didn’t have time to write anything, since the amount of revision to be done was consequent. And we are still going to be taken up by the exams coming in 3 weeks.

Heeyy! Come’on! We are students. We are busy too! GeekScribes might hit some slow-time for the coming month or so. We’ll try to post, but it won’t be frequent.

But after that one month of misery, troubles and headaches, we promise that you will have ample articles to read. 2 months of holidays coming! YAAY! πŸ˜›

We ask for your understanding for the coming month, and hope you will keep checking around here often. Thank you, dear reader! πŸ˜›

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  • Same thing for me… 3 tests in a week!!! 😐

    & then there’s the exams…. & i don’t even have holidays! πŸ™ (Stupid practicals!)