Mauritius Telecom and Orange??


You must have noticed by now that Mauritius Telecom, the major Mauritian ISP, is conducting a major advertising campaign, promoting its change of identity. The famous blue “t” logo has changed to an orange colour. Same for the “Mauritius” in “Mauritius Telecom”. There’s also this big billboard advert that says “Le 17 Avril, nous aceuillons un invité de marque” (“On the 17th April, we welcome a distinguished guest” in French). This heralds the partnership of Mauritius Telecom with Orange (former Wanadoo)?

I believe yes. This has been hinted for a long time now. Orange will now be a partner of Mauritius Telecom, if not administering it. Apparently, Orange will now be active in the Internet Service sector, as well as the Mobile and Telecommunications sector.

There’s not much information about this event circulating around for now, and there has been some issues raised by the trade unions about a name change from Mauritius Telecom to Orange or something similar. Not much, apart from that.

What this means for us? Do you think there will be better services offered to Mauritians? More bandwidth, resulting in better Internet speeds? Better customer support? Let’s hear your views! 😛


  • Well, as far as i saw the reviews of orange users on “” it does not seem to be such a good service, maybe services will improve a bit but not so much in prices… This is Mauritius… 😛

  • InF

    Let’s just hope you are right Helios. Let’s just hope! 😛

    From what I read in that review, Orange kind of…. well, sux! 😀

  • Adithya

    well, will there be any improvements in the channels subjects offered by MY.T???because right now we are getting orange sport info whereas orange does have orange sport event where live football matches are available…so any news???