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I dunno how that Orange propaganda brochure (as if there wasn’t enough Orange advertising already) landed at my place, but I thought I’d look through it. And guess what? It lands on GeekScribes! I ain’t got a scanner, so bear with the cam-pic quality! Here’s the cover:


Note the upside-down cover? They wanted to make the division between Mauritius Telecom and Orange clear apparently. Well, I think they were successful here.

Anyways, the brochure contains a number of pages, detailing all the services Orange/MT offer, and particularly prices. If it’s requested, I might post more pages, though I didn’t find anything particularly interesting in them. The page about mobile offers might interest some, so I posted it too.


Well, I found the most interesting pages to be about ADSL and MyT. Here they are:




As you notice, for the ADSL page, the “allowed volume of monthly data exchange (download/upload)” row(2) makes no mention of the Fair Usage Policy. They just say “n/a” which I assume means unlimited. The Fair Usage Policy is mentioned in a small corner, at the foot of the table. The funny thing is, it’s prefixed with an asterisk, asterisk which I couldn’t find in the page. What does it refer to? 😛 Note the absence of the 1Mbps offer. Is it not allowed for home users?

This page is fun! Check out this line “Profitez de l’Internet à haut débit pour surfer, télécharger. communiquer et partager”. With their “undeclared limit, undeclared peak-hours” Fair Use Policy, I doubt we can “télécharger” as well as we would want, right? 😛

Same goes for the MyT page, which is even weirder. Again, there is those “n/a” things in the “allowed volume of monthly data exchange (download/upload)” row(2). But! Note that the 1Mbps offer mentions Fair Usage Policy. And with double asterisks. Those double-asterisks refer to a line below the table.

I can just say, they made those pages strange and kind of confusing for people who, like me, care about the small prints.

Another funny feature is “succombez au confort du haut débit sans fil” on the MyT page and the “passez à la vitesse supérieure” on the ADSL page. Frankly, I’ll really succumb if 512K and 1Mbps were really “superior speed”. What about 8Mbps and higher connections available abroad? What would those be called? “Passez à la vitesse lumière”? LoL! ^0^

Nothing much more to say. I can just hope that Orange provides better service than Telecom Plus. And that in a near future (less than 40 years), we get to have 1Mbps or more at an affordable price, and UNCAPPED! 🙂

Comments appreciated, as always.

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