What MBC needs to learn from NDTV


Long time no posts. I’m sorry, readers. Exams took all of my time. Now, it’s over and I’m free to entertain you again. Let’s begin.

Like the rest of the world (excluding the terrorists), I’m appalled by the Mumbai attacks. It’s simply inconceivable how a group of terrorists could wreak such havoc! My sympathies to the people who have lost loved ones in those attacks.

However, the point of this article is not to debate about the attacks. It’s not fitting for me to comment on such tragic events. What I would like to point out however, is the fantastic coverage of the events that NDTV (New Delhi Television Limited) has provided, which will put our national broadcaster, MBC, to shame. I usually don’t talk about politics on Geekscribes since I’m not a fan of the subject, but this is going to be a rare exception.

How I managed to know about NDTV? MBC was ripping redirecting the broadcast from India to the country yesterday, or so I think. This allowed me to follow the events in live, and I must say, flooded with details and information.

  • NDTV listed the names of the hostages rescued and at which hospital victims wereThis is impressive. They managed to get a list of rescued hostages and broadcast them to others with the hope that they might find in there, their families and friends. A very good move I must say, and it will definitely help others who are unable to communicate with the people involved there. This list was kept on screen at any point in time as a scroller. This is the news people want to know, and I am sure, if it was the MBC covering those events, we’d just be having images and commentary.
  • NDTV had the courage of cutting a politician mid-speechIn my opinion, this is a “feat” that the MBC will never be able to achieve. I don’t know who the politician were, but here is how it went: There was a reporter talking live from in front of the Taj hotel, interviewing a person whose family member was in there. Then, the studio reporter interrupted the guy because of a politician was talking live. After a while, the studio reporter switched back to the Taj hotel guy and said something along those lines: “We have no time to debate politics in this situation. Unfortunately, this is what our politicians usually do. We prefer to switch back to the Taj Hotel” and the image swapped back.This is just awesome! Something like this is never going to happen in Mauritius! If this happened, the reporters would probably be fired the next day, for “daring” to interrupt a “very important” politician! But in times like these, politics is not what is most needed, and NDTV did just the right thing.
  • NDTV presenter criticizes politiciansI kept the best for last. This definitely will NEVER happen in Mauritius. At some point in the coverage, an NDTV presenter made some comments after a series of videos depicting the day’s events, and the people that lost their lives in trying to save others’. Those comments were like this: “The events of today remind us that Indians now don’t care what PM is in power or the petty politics. The mood can be summarized in simple words: Enough is Enough! Today, [reporter names 2 politicians] promised they would go together to Mumbai. Finally, they went separately. Even on a day like this, they were unable to unite! The people of India needs them united, and they can’t go to Mumbai together. [comment continues]”This is what I call unbiased news! And that’s how things should be done. I can agree that MBC is government-controlled, even if it tends to call itself “independent”. But if you are the national broadcaster, it is your duty to bring unbiased news to the people, and make criticism where needed.

NDTV showed me what professionalism is today. Their reporters were always on the scene, sometimes even in the line of fire. In short, they made a fantastic coverage of the events, and I am sure are still doing a fine job even now. They were helpful in their reports, providing lists and interviews where possible. They covered politicians and military personnel to try to gain more information. What’s more? As soon as a new piece of information became available, it was immediately presented on screen in the “Just In” section at the bottom of the screen.

I can only hail their performance today. I hope the MBC and other broadcasters in Mauritius can learn from them, and provide us with better news, instead of just coverage of what our politicians did, or what they inaugurated. Who cares about those anyways? I doubt any Mauritian loves to see politicians’ faces every evening on TV after they leave a tiring day’s job. No we don’t. And that’s just what the MBC feeds us everyday.

Hell, the other day, the lady even read the WHOLE sympathy message the PM sent to India. Did we really need to know the full contents? At other times, we get a 20 mins coverage of our PM’s speech in a 30 mins news. Talk about professionalism!

As if it was not enough, now the JT is being re-broadcasted after 23h for us to have another look at our lovable politicians’ faces again, if ever we missed them.

Let’s hear your views now. What do you think about MBC? What can they do to improve? Can they even improve?? And what about the Mumbai attacks? Do you have any relatives or close friends there? Any news?

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  • Obviously NDTV is an independent channel, so they are free to do what MBC can’t – however the politicians there are even worst. They’ve already started milking the event for the forthcoming elections. So it’s up to the media t cut the crap & focus on the real events & witnesses.

    But even in India, Doordarshan seems like a distant cousin of MBC. πŸ˜›

    I think we definitely need such a channel in Mauritius… πŸ™‚

  • InF

    Agreed! As I said, NDTV is independent. And we get independent news from them.

    So we need an independent channel in Mauritius. A channel, led by somebody who would have no fear of our politicians, with the single goal to bring unbiased views to the nation.

    I bet the audience ratings would fly through the roof for such a channel!

    A Radio Plus but for TV and even more aggressive and independent! YEAH! πŸ˜€

  • NDTV is an example which shall put the MBC and even Doordarshan to shame. They covered this chaos event with such professionalism.

    Infact many of my photos i used on my blog for the attack post, i shot it from NDTV and others from BBC.

    BBC also did a very good coverage. A BBC journalist contacted me by email about the Mauritian who died and the id found on one of the terrorists. I just confirmed that the terrorist id is not a real mauritian as the local government confirmed that here.

    Critisizing the politicians…. i wonder when will one do it here wlol πŸ˜› “Zot tou gagne peur zot F**** ici” πŸ˜›

    btw u made a small mistake above:

    ‘There was a reporter talking life from in front of the Taj hotel, interviewing a person whose family member was in there.’ – ITS TALKING LIVE? Correct it. Some stupid mind can even think you are saying a reporter was taking life lol.

    What do i think of mbc? Its Macarena Bourik Channel! πŸ˜›

  • Our navel gazing politicians would never allow any channel to cut their so important persons off the screen, would they?

  • InF

    @Kurt: Thanks for pointing out this mistake. Corrected now. πŸ™‚

  • Nice article…

    We should shout this loud : “MBC was never a professional and isn’t making any effort to be one in the future

    All of us know the reasons, some of which are political issues.

    You have perhaps missed this :
    Another thing that MBC must learn is how to make good musical programs, not those stupid ones which make bloggers like me go against them!

    Anyway, from local experience, we know that we cannot rely on MBC (The Kaya episode for instance).

    Keep it up!

  • MBC is still crap. They need to learn a lot from other channels and other countries as well. in uk, they have around 52 channels and the x-rated ones are private and u need to pay a special fee for that. all channels are categorized, e.g sports, entertainment etc..

    here we have only mbc1,2,3 and now they’re proud with TNT which I’m not satisfied @ all..

  • MBC? yesterday or the day before, MBC changed its name to NBC. For more than 30 mins, we were shown only 1 person talking and talking and talking.
    Subject of talk?
    There were no commission on the hedging contracts. In short, he was just defending his incompetent political nominees.