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Behold Chrome: New contender in Browser Wars Arena!



Google just released the Beta version of its browser, called Google Chrome (why chrome anyways?). Since a few days, I’ve been seeing that pokeball-like logo all over the Internets and I thought I must add my piece of text to the already long list of blog posts about the newest browser out there. Seriously, nearly 12 million results on Google when I search for “Google Chrome”.

What’s the hype about it? Everybody is “Chrome released”, “Chrome does that”, “Chrome does this”, “Chrome makes tea”, bla bla… Let’s see… Before I move on, I need to say that Chrome is released under BSD license, and it’s Open-Source!

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Google Browser Sync


Google Browser Sync(GBS) is a freeware Firefox extension by Google. Independent of any OS, it embeds itself in Mozilla Firefox. That makes whichever OS supporting Mozilla Firefox, you can use GBS. In fact, what does it do? It replicates all your data across the many computers you have. Data? Uh, only for your extensions.

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