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Google Browser Sync(GBS) is a freeware Firefox extension by Google. Independent of any OS, it embeds itself in Mozilla Firefox. That makes whichever OS supporting Mozilla Firefox, you can use GBS. In fact, what does it do? It replicates all your data across the many computers you have. Data? Uh, only for your extensions.

What does it keeps in Sync? Well, cookies, passwords, bookmarks, history, tabs and windows. Pretty useful stuffs. When I said bookmarks you must be saying, “oh, these links that are kept in my browser when I press ctrl+D, nothing much important with them”. Few use bookmarks efficiently and often it is rather disorderly. But it is important for those who love to “ctrl+d” when they happen to have a crush on a web site (like geekscribe!!! Am I right?) and for those who love to read feeds (have you already subscribed to ours? No? Do so now). The feeds can be said to be bookmarks. So you will have your feed anytime on any other computers.

What do you need? First of all grab your firefox if don’t have one. You can get it here. Next you will need to have a Google Account. Kind of lost? Are you using Google Talk, Picassa, or Gmail? If yes you already own one. You can always get one here. You are almost ready now to get everything working. Go to GBS and perform required steps to install GBS.

Post Installation – After installation you are required to Restart Firefox (the same old routine). When it will be powering up, a wizard will ask for necessary details for synchronisation purposes. Namely, Google Id, password and a numeric pin. On first time use it takes some time to get everything ready. Be patient.

What security measures are present? Encryption!!! All the data that is going to get synchronised can be encrypted. This is done with the single click on check boxes. Cookies have the ability to keep much of confidential information, the people at Google always encrypt them. Not to forget our sweet passwords. Encryption is done using the Security Pin that you entered.

Where are all these data stored? Nothing is stored in your computer. I mean the synchronisation data. GBS puts everything in Google’s Server. Not even the techs at Google will see what is being kept in their racks.

Please note, the most recent browser will take over the active state. Logically speaking, your newly powered up browser will have changes, not the idle one.

It is a fine piece of jewel but there are also its pitfalls. If someone steals your computer all your personal details will be available. I would recommend that you don’t synchronise your password and browsing history. I will further test it and write a follow-up entry.

Till then enjoy and keep tuned.

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