HyMini – Green Power Is In Your Hand


Be Green


How does it sounds? Technology and environment! For me, this is ‘sound’ thinking. MiniWiz, the company behind HyMini , has come forward with facilitating your life and being an environment fighter. Own your own power generator.


HyMini, small in size (13.4 cm length, 8.75 cm width and 3.35 cm width) is an excellent source of power for your small gadget needs. Being a universal charger it caters for almost all your needs. It harnesses renewable power from the wind with its turbine and sun with an attachable solar panel.

Almost all your conventional gadgets like cell phone, MP3 player, iPod®, PDA, digital camera or other 5V devices can be charged using HyMini. Yes, this means you can always charge your mobile, PDA and all on the move.

Charging HyMini is simple and flexible:

  • The classic wall plug (100-240V)  we can charge it
  • USB outlets from any laptop and desktop
  • Attachable Solar Panel
  • Built-in wind powered generator



The above shows the basic package. It can still be customised with the many available offers at its online store.

Designed with the user in mind, this is a gadget to have. Being as low as $50 this makes it affordable and profitable in the long run. Both for the fellow buyer and for our environment. Green Power Is In Your Hand. Enjoy