Media Player Classic: No Sound When Playing Multiple Videos – Solution


I’ll confess that I love Media Player Classic (or its newer flavor, Media Player Classic – Home Cinema). I have yet to find a player that has a simple interface yet packs so many features. Undeniably there are other great players out there, such as KMPlayer, SMPlayer and VLC among others. But I still find MPC’s interface to be better than the rest. Or maybe it’s simply nostalgia…

Recently I was having a small problem with Media Player Classic (MPC). When I set MPC to play different videos in different instances, that is, two videos in two different MPC windows, one had sound, one did not.

The volume control was not muted, and it was nothing to do with Windows’ volume settings. It was just a misconfigured setting in MPC and it’s simple to correct.

A quick journey to the MPC IRC channel (#mpc-hc on Freenode) gave me the answer, which was simply selecting the right option from a drop-down menu…

The steps are:

  • View menu – Options
  • On the left, under Playback – select Output
  • Set your Audio Renderer to this option: “Default DirectSound Device”
  • Problem solved

Answers are sometimes as simple as that. I don’t even know how to conclude this post, so I’ll just leave it at that. Thanks for reading, and hope this helps you. 😀

I’ll also thank the developers of MPC for the awesome program they provide to us and the quick help I got from the people present in their IRC channel. No “RTFM” or anything, just a straight answer. Thanks!

  • Mr Big

    Thanks buddy, your post really helped… Much appreciated.

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    Thanks, I wish I had tried to solve this harder.