Orange Mauritius being generous: ADSL prices fall, MyT speed doubles! (updated)


I did say I was going to blog about Orange some time again. There was a news item that told how Orange suggested that prices remain constant and that speed increases, and ICTA wanted that prices fall while speed remains constant, which is plain stupid. However, something nicer appeared on the front of Le Mauricien today (Edit: Today = 26th Feb 2009, I am blogging this article after midnight).

If the news is correct and if what it says really happens, we are going to have a 35-45% price fall in ADSL prices. Do you believe that? A friggin 45% decrease in ADSL prices! MyT is going to follow soon according to that same article! New prices applicable as from 1st March 2009!

Seriously, this is wicked cool. Is it really? Wait a bit, you will see.

There is something I didn’t catch. There is X allowance (X is an integer) and Fair Usage Policy (FUP). I think allowance is a quota where you pay more after exceeding it, while fair usage, you don’t pay but speed falls. That’s me, so don’t consider these words to be a fact.

First lemme give you the prices and other stuff. Everything below refers to ASDL, so no MyT’s for now. 128K refers to 128K ADSL. All prices exclude VAT. Got it?

128K home (1 GB allowance) goes to 256K with 3 GB allowance. Price goes to 434 from 650. 33% fall.

Nothing yet for 128K home (with FUP). It was not mentioned in the article, saying the info was not obtained from MT.

512K home (with FUP) falls to Rs. 750 from the current Rs. 1360.,

The very best news now: There is a new package! 1 Mbps (with FUP) priced at Rs. 1360! That’s the price of the old 512K connection! Theoretically, you can now get twice the speed for the same price!

Then for ASDL Pro, for those who interested. Vat Included I think.

256K goes to Rs. 800 from Rs. 950 (3GB cap).

512K goes to Rs. 1300 from Rs. 1540.

For Rodrigues, same thing for ADSL home. For ADSL home 256 goes to Rs. 1600 from Rs. 1860.

Personally, I think this is good news. If not for the ridiculously low capping. (3GB on 256? Seriously? That’s less than a Linux distro DVD!) I also appreciate the introduction of the fair-priced 1 Mbps and I might even consider moving to that one when the new price policies start. That’s how 1 Mbps should have been priced from the very start! Now I can call it accessible. And I can finally thank Orange for listening to me: More speed for the same price. They did just that. I don’t know why ICTA was initially rejecting that, but they were not being rational.

Also, as you noticed, the FUP does not tell what exactly is the limit. I’d greatly appreciate some more information on that. Not this time I guess.

I am done now. Let’s hear your views. Happy? Not happy? What about the capping? Fair? Fair Usage Policy? Love it? Hate it? Suggestions?


Today (Today = 27th Feb 2009), news about MyT offers came out, and it’s very good news for them: Their speed doubles for the same price! 256K users will now have 512K. 512K will have 1Mbps and 1 Mbps will have 2 Mbps! Amazing!

Some new offers were also added, such as a MyT 512K with added TV channels (15 of them) for Rs. 999 / month. There will also be a 2Mbps offer will be available at Rs. 2999/month!

However, as Morinn has pointed out, there must be a catch!

I believe personally have two theories. Either Orange had the possibility to offer those speed and prices from the very start, but for some weird reason, they did not.

Or the more sombre reason: Capping and FUP will now be strictly enforced. As you probably noticed, for some users, even if they exceeded the unknown FUP limits, their speeds were not affected. I don’t know the limits, but I guess they must be around or less than 10GB. The question is: how can Orange offer twice the speed to all users, without making any upgrades to their networks or buying more bandwidth on the SAFE. Maybe I have missed something that was announced, or that it was done internally, but without upgrades, there is no logical way this can be done! Unless capping is strictly enforced.

This will keep heavy downloaders from leeching all the bandwidth, and redistribute the saved bandwidth to other users.

This is just a supposition, but a terrifying one none the least. We don’t know the limits, and therefore, don’t know when or how we are going to be capped.

Also, a commenter mentioned that 3GB capping. There seems to be a difference between capping, properly said, and Fair Usage Policy. As I said above, the “capping” policy is that if you go over the limits, you pay for additional MB’s downloaded. Whereas for FUP, it’s just that your speed decreases. Probably some kind of limit imposed, or that your connection is given less priority.

Another scarier issue: if capping (as in speed reduction) is enforced, it means that connections of users will be monitored to know what they are doing, how much and what they are downloading and from where. All this is just suppositions, but isn’t this called invasion of privacy?

Btw, remember how I was ranting about how my speed on Rapidshare was breaking and resuming every 4-5 seconds? It’s back! My download manager reports a download speed, but my router lights don’t flash. Ewww!

Note: My connection was automatically upgraded to 1Mbps today. I am having around 90-95KBps even 100+ KBps download speeds! AMAZING!! I noticed my upload went to 256 from 128! (Here I come, online gaming!!)

Ok, I stop here now to let you folks talk. I’m out of ideas. Let’s hear yours! πŸ˜›

  • I expressed my view on my post – Orange ADSL prices decrease on 1st March 2009!

    /spamming πŸ˜‰

  • i can’t help being skeptical about those “good news”. Everytime there’s got to be a catch. I think the rational thing to do now is to just sit and wait and see.

  • Naveesh

    Cool for the decrease in price, but the problem is the fair usage and the limits! If i read your entry, so the 512kb still have fair usage? In TV it said it had a limit of 3GB also?? I prefer fair usage than 3GB limit! 3GB! My god!

  • Sleepoholic

    the ICTA is just a bunch of noobies….as long as u get internet(even its crap) at low prices then its ok….

    also am getting the feeling that there must be a trap somewhere….how can they double speeds at the old same price…maybe MT’s got hidden additional bandwidth …

    well something smells fishy

  • InF

    Well said! I may be quite unrealistic but I hope we don’t get capped. Or maybe, if the capping is like 20-30GB, it’s an ok-ish deal for me.

    (But f*ck! I love seeing that 100+ KBps download speed on my DL manager! :P)

  • sabrina

    You can get double bandwidth for the same price if the price of international bandwidth has decreased. it’s like you buy 3 pommes pou 10 and the price of pomme goes down and now you get 6 pommes pou 10.

    Other ISPs (not us) will give you 3 pommes pou Rs5. I prefer more pommes πŸ˜›

  • jens

    InF you’re lucky man..
    Even though my connection went 1024 kbps, i’m still getting that old 512 kbps download speed..

    i just can’t wait to download animes in avi format now. That should take only 15-20 min with 100-120 KB/

  • InF

    I doubt it’ll take 15-20 mins when on 512, it takes more than one hour…

    I am guessing around 30 mins for an average AVI format.

    You know, I am guessing that the speed boost is a temporary test. Not everybody is getting it yet. Probably a stress test for the network. Orange is gradually increasing the load to see how the network handled. Maybe by Sunday/Monday, you will get the required speed. Just be patient! πŸ˜›

    @Sabrina: If you prefer more pommes, I prefer more speed! πŸ˜›

    But ok 3 pommes for 5 vs 6 pommes for 10. That’s the same thing, right?? That would mean twice the speed for twice the price. Now, we get twice the speed for the same price.

    And here, I gotta admit that Orange did a great move. Chapo! Just, please JUST no capping! Or reasonable capping. 4-5 GBs on a 512 is unrealistic! Minimum is 10-15GB!

    Why I am saying this? Because Sabrina, you mentioned “Other ISPs (not us)” to which I implied that you are with Orange. So this is a simple plea from the addicted Mauritian Internet users like me! πŸ˜€

  • Guru

    I got my boost in speed. How I wish to have a 1 mbps connection

  • jens

    InF do you have myT or ADSL home package?

    it seems that MT does not offer 1 MBps package for ADSL home package.

  • Guru

    InF has got ADSL. He will reply back for any clarifications.

  • InF

    @Jens: Seems the page has not yet been updated. I used to have 512Kbps Home Unlimited (FUP). It got promoted to 1Mbps which is a newly introduced package. That’s what newspapers say…

  • jens

    No the adsl webpage has been updated with the latest tariffs
    check the application form there is no 1 MBps package for home users.
    latest speed test
    on international servers:

    download speed: 505 kbps
    upload speed : 114 kbps..

    on local websites:

    The sagem fast modem shows up that i get the full 1024 kbps..

  • Guru

    @Jens Looks like their page has not been updated. Maybe they are more concerned with benchmarking rather than updating their website.

  • jens

    i’m unable to connect to the internet with my adsl connection.. i’m getting an error message saying my username or password is invalid.

    This is the first time since 2005 that i’m getting this message..

    i’m using dial up ;)..

  • InF

    Yesterday I was unable to connect. My router would not establish the link even if the connection service was up.

    Think it might be issues on the network. Not really sure.

    For me, it’s ok now.

  • sabrina


    Before 3 pommes pou 10, now 6 for 10..meaning same price but double speed…forget it

    >>So this is a simple plea from the addicted Mauritian Internet users like me!

    I am addicted as you (half past midnight on a weekday blogging, while my torrent is running: getting the latest Prodigy and Lost, after a hectic day at the office)

    that’s why they got me to work on internet offers… know the saying: on n’est mieux servi que par soi-meme

    AYO, mo esperer mo sef pa pe lire sa..

  • Hello,
    My my.t was upgraded in the morning of last monday πŸ™‚ from 256 kbps to 512 kbps :p And i can now see the effect of it hehehehehe it’s nice πŸ˜‰ After listening to the news, i did a test on my myt on thursday whereby my download speed was less then 200 kbps and was like 70 kbps…now while checking it again after the update its over 450 kbps for download and over 100 kbps for upload xD

  • InF

    ROFL! That would actually be fun. A heavy downloader among the people wishing to cap heavy downloaders!

    But hey, thanks. Till now, I am really enjoying the boost in speed. I can’t find anything to download just yet. Not that I am a real heavy downloader anyway. But I guess it will come someday with the added speed… πŸ™‚

    So for once, Thank you Orange for the 2x speed! πŸ˜›

    @Nabz: Before rejoicing, try Youtube. And see what “no lags” mean. πŸ™‚

  • sabrina

    @ Inf

    I fight for you guys (and me)!

    I do everything on the internet (yes I should get out more often) and can’t imagine life without it

    That’s why it’s nice to get input from people like you lot: the REAL users, the trendsetters..

  • sabrina

    @ Jens
    @ InF

    We are not commercialising the ADSL 1M. It’s only for our existing subs who were on ADSL 512K (it’s called a migration offer)

    And the website is up to date since Sunday 01…and I should get back to work πŸ™

  • @INF: I tested, youtube is working perfectly for me…no need to wait it to be loaded πŸ˜‰

  • InF

    @Nabz: Hehehe! πŸ˜›

    @Sabrina: And it’s good for an ISP to be in touch with its customers. I guess you people who keep touch with the community need a pay raise or something.

    In some companies, they got people to browse the Internet whole day just to identify things being said online about the company, and get in touch with users for ideas and suggestions.

    And if you want real feedback, you will certainly get it among the bloggers of Mauritius. Hope to see you around when the speed hype dies down a bit. πŸ™‚

  • sabrina


    I don’t get paid extra for doing this. It’s on my own time. (JFT: I wouldn’t mind an iPhone ROFL!)

    And I’m getting genuine feedback for free, much better than doing expensive surveys (hum…that money saved should go about buying more SAFE capacity for heavy downloaders..LOL)

    I will be around even when the “speed hype” dies as I need your learned opinions on quite a few things. Cheers

  • Zayd

    yesterday i was getting the speed of 512kpbs,but today i am getting my old connection- 256kbps speed!!!!!!!!
    y is that????!!!

  • InF

    Lol that’s weird!

    Dunno, maybe the speed boosting is not up for everybody just yet. I’ve got some friends who still haven’t got the boost. Maybe it’s still in test and implementation… Call Orange if you have doubts.

  • seriously, you all stand as proof that you want more bandwidth… after all, the internet is for porn πŸ˜›
    (what? it’s true. i always wanted to type that. πŸ˜› lol)
    i’ve no view about the subject matter. when i’m in mru, i stick to myt and emtel. tbh, emtel beats bt.

  • manoo

    all this could be done long ago
    just to keep the name of “cyber island” that the government has allowed to lower the price for us
    all this is bullshit cause in foreign countries they are able to get stunning speed of about 8mbps at amount the same price for a 2mpbs for my.T
    those who have(use) fair usage policy(FUR) are liable to get a LOW SPEED after heavy download
    (i downloaded a file of 382mb at a speed of 215kbps and the next moth i got half the speed i was supposed to get):(
    the more there is internet subscribers you will see that your speed will decrease
    Moreover the speed has not exactly reached its maximum as we are supposed to 97%
    all this is fucking shit
    and sorry for English mistakes πŸ™‚

  • Moon

    I am subscribed to an adsl home 256k connection and I am not very informed on this cap system. How will I be informed if I cross the 3gb limit?

  • InF

    You will not be informed I think.

    You will just see your speed falling next month.

    I think there was a site where you could check your current usage per month and other stuff, but unfortunately, I can’t remember the URL. If anybody can post it here, thanks!

    Or you can just call Orange and ask them about a way to check your consumption.

    There are a few softwares out there that can help you to monitor your bandwidth, like NetMonitor or Bandwidth Monitor or Bitmeter. You could give those a try. All are free. πŸ™‚

  • jens

    Hi , INF

    Can you tell me what router you are using?

    I need help to set up a small home network.
    I just bought a netgear wireless router, but there is no phone socket.

    Please reply here or on my e-mail.

    Thank you

  • AFAIK, he is using a netgear router. If you can give us the reference of the router, we will gladly help you Jens

  • InF

    I indeed use a Netgear router.

    But you have to be careful about routers. Not all of them include an ADSL “modem”. Yours apparently does not, indicated by the lack of a phone socket (RJ-11). Also sometimes, these “adsl routers” are also called “adsl modems” for some reason. You can try searching for that too.

    You can check Amazon for ADSL routers here:
    Netgear Routers
    ADSL routers in general

    If you need further info, feel free.

  • jens

    thanks for replying!
    indeed my netgear router don’t have a phone socket.

    The modem requires me to plug in my modem in the router with an ethernet cable.

    Can you tell me if you are using netgear DG834G?

    i just hope jacey computers accepts to retake the router 1 bought from them!

  • According to netgear there is the phone line plug available

  • InF

    I guess they might accept it back.

    Anyway, have some references when you go exchange the router, and ask them if they have those on your list. If not, ask for a router with adsl features. They should understand.

    Guru is right though. According to Netgear, the DG834Gv5 has a phone line in. (WAN Port: ADSL RJ-11, from the link Guru provided).

  • jens

    well i got the DG834Gv4 and tried to connect the 2 pc.

    The main pc closed to the router got connected to the internet but the speed is very low.
    Max download speed i got was 8Kb/s for a 1Mbps connection.
    The second pc cannot connect to the internet..its ethernet cable light keeps flashing!

  • jens

    i change my adsl settings from 2+ to adsl GMT and the connection is now ok.

    i’m trying to connect my second pc to the net but there is no success!!!

    my 2nd ethernet cable Rj-45 is 25m!!!
    Do you think it is too long?

  • I don’t think it is too long. I think, it supports up to 100m, then you will have signal attenuation.

    Try to use a shorter cable for testing

  • InF

    No. Not a cable problem.

    Most probably an IP problem, or some setting not correctly configured.

    Have you checked the settings in the router for firewall and such?

    And in the PC#2? Configured the gateway? Unless DHCP is enabled, these won’t be done automatically for you. Check for IP clashes: the 2 computers have the same IP address.

    And finally, does the router see the PC? And vice versa? Try a ping to the router there. The router should have a light on, if it has seen the PC.

  • jens

    well i tried a wifi adapter on the second pc and it worked just fine!

    I tried to use the long cable with the main pc and still no luck!

    besides since 1 got this router windows live messsenger is unable to connect

  • InF

    For Live Messenger, there is an option under Firewall about IM ports. Make sure the option is “open”. That should do it. You’ll know that routers have Firewalls and sometimes, ports need to be open. Check out google about “port forwarding” for more info.

    If the Wifi worked, maybe it’s a cable problem. Maybe it’s broken, or wrongly-wired. I’m guessing it’s the cable since it failed to work on both pcs.

  • jens

    hi, just to let you know that i replaced the cable! and it now works!

  • InF

    Nice! At least it was only the cable, and nothing more serious. πŸ˜›

  • jens

    Can someone tell me where can i get an air compressor can to remove dust from my pc?
    my pc’s fans are starting to make weird noise.

    Or are there any other suitable ways of cleaning your pc?

  • InF

    Jumbo Hypermarket sells them. Also, any of those shops that sell car parts (those so-called “tuner shops”) have them too.

    Most computer shops will also have them.

    As for me, I use a small painting brush to clean my pc parts. Not really recommended, but I do take care. There’s always the risk of static electricity caused by the bristles of the brush though, so use at your own risk.

    As for the fans, I think they simply need some oil. πŸ™‚

  • treating us like dogs!

    Orange is giving us bones to eat, and we are wagging our tails right?

    IF there were OTHER ISPs in MAU, the speed for 400rs would be 2M/s that means, you get 256kbps download speed for as low as 400rs

    Its one of the tariffs in other european countries, where competition is high.

    BoooOO to orange! s*cks!