The Deceit Of Orange Mauritius


As you probably know by now, Orange has announced a price cut on its ADSL packages, and a speed-doubling measure on its MyT packages. The discussions have been raging on for the past few days on various fronts, including Twitter and CarrotMadman6’s Article on the price cuts.

MyT users are probably rejoicing by now. ADSL users too maybe, but probably in a lesser measure. I’m an ADSL user. I’m definitely not rejoicing. I believe Orange has successfully performed corporate tricks on its users, and has come out with a profit, all while announcing the price cuts / speed boosts.

Let me begin with the more obvious of the ripoffs:


The prices of the various packages are as follows, and VAT is included:

MyT 1Mbps Unlimited + 21 TV channels = Rs. 999 / month

MyT 2Mbps Unlimited + 21 TV channels = Rs. 1699 / month

MyT 4Mbps Unlimited + 21 TV channels = Rs. 2999 / month

ADSL Home 256Kbps 3GB cap (+ Rs. 0.58 per additional MB) = Rs. 399 / month

ADSL Home Unlimited 512Kbps = Rs. 759 / month

ADSL Home Unlimited 1Mbps = Rs. 1353 / month *

* This package was never offered as subscription, only auto-upgrade for former ADSL 512Kbps users.

Notice something funny up there? Discrimination I say! ADSL 1Mbps is priced Rs. 1353 after price cut. MyT 1Mbps + 21 TV channels is at Rs. 999! That’s a Rs. 354 difference for the same speed! If you ever doubted that Orange wants to migrate ADSL Home users to MyT, I think the difference in price clears away any doubts…

So my personal advice to all current ADSL 1Mbps users: Move to 1Mbps MyT, and save Rs. 354. I cannot guarantee for the quality of MyT over ADSL, but this will save you money, plus you get to watch some TV if you wish. Do the migration now, while the promotion last (Free installation, no migration fee). The promotion ends on 10th January from what I heard.

MyT – No  TV users option get neither speed boost, nor price cut

A totally unfair and unjustified measure. Can anybody provide a logical explanation about why those users are not given the speed boost? I certainly can. Orange wants those “prehistoric” MyT users to move to the newer MyT + TV option, which you could have guessed, costs more.

So if you have MyT 512 Kbps (No TV) and wish to have the speed boost applied, you’d need to move to the current MyT+TV 1Mbps option, which costs Rs. 150 more. There you have it, the first way a profit can be made. Users, driven by want at seeing others downloading faster than them, will prefer to take the Rs. 150 added option.

ADSL users get no speed boost

Previously, I had ADSL Home 512 Kbps, which got upgraded to ADSL Home 1Mbps automatically last year. Very nice. I was very happy. Then. This year, I was impatiently awaiting the speed boost. It never came.

Newspapers did not announce this straight-out. They just did not mention the fact that ADSL users would get no speed boost, without any valid reason. By reading comments on TheMediaGuru, I learnt that apparently, ADSL would get no speed boost because the technology doesn’t support speeds beyond 1.5 Mbps.

False, according to this Wikipedia article. The theoretical limit is 8Mbps. Maybe the 1Mbps could have been boosted to 2Mbps then? Even if not 8Mbps, at least 2Mbps should be supported quite fine, no?

The question that follows was also raised: How come ADSL Home can’t support 2Mbps, but ADSL Business 2Mbps is offered as a package?

What Orange Wants

My opinion: Orange wants to turn its ADSL home users and the MyT No-TV users into MyT+TV users, resulting in less services to manage.

Since ADSL home users get no boost, they’ll want to move to MyT. And in doing this, incur additional monthly fees + installation fees (which are Rs. 0 at the moment, due to a bonus. Lasts till 10th Jan 2011 or so).

What matters is that Orange will effectively convert (some) ADSL users to MyT+TV at a profit.

Worst is that some MyT users are not eligible for the TV services due to the quality of their lines, possibly due to their distance from the nearest Telecom exchange. The thing is, these users are paying for a service which they cannot access. There is no price reduction if you don’t take the TV option of MyT. Why? Because it’s not possible now to take MyT without TV.

What Users Want

Both price cut + speed boost. We are greedy.

Most MyT users seem to be uninterested with the TV offer (according to my own mini-survey). Would you want IPTV when you already have satellite TV?

Maybe the TV offer interests casual Internet users who see it as a bonus, or maybe those who are not satellite TV subscribers. Not a lot of them nowadays, considering the things MBC is forcing upon us.

What heavy Internet users would want is a dedicated, high-speed, low-cost connection. We want MyT No-TV option to be re-instated.

If you take MyT but not the TV option, you will pay a lesser fee, say Rs. 300 less per month. That would make MyT’s monthly fee cheaper than my actual ADSL (internet-only) connection.

Such an option doesn’t exist yet: there is no high-speed (above 512 Kbps) Internet-only offer in Mauritius, which is kind of lame. The best you can have is 512K ADSL Home. Slowish nowadays, in times when streaming High Dimension Definition content is possible abroad.

So we gain ADSL 2/2+ technology, high-speed at an affordable cost, all while paying for services we use.

If the monthly price grid was as follows, I’d be a happy guy:

  • MyT 256 Kbps → Rs. 250 (This will please users with low salary. Decent speed at a decent cost.)
  • MyT 512 Kbps → Rs. 500 (What most users would be interested in. Good speed at a low-enough cost.)
  • MyT 1 Mbps → Rs. 1000 (An upper-medium user’s choice.)
  • MyT 2 Mbps → Rs. 1500 (Want more speed? Go for that one)
  • MyT 4 Mbps → Rs. 2300 (“High-end” package)

And if you want MyT + TV option, add Rs. 300 to the above prices.

Wouldn’t that be satisfactory?

The Compromise

I may have entered an utopian dream there. The price grid I suggested might be infeasible. Want a mitigation solution? Offer existing ADSL users to move to MyT, while taking in consideration the speed doubling, allowing the users to maintain their current monthly rate.

So if I take myself as example, I’d be switching from ADSL 1Mbps to MyT 2Mbps, but priced at the rate of ADSL 1Mbps. Another ADSL Home 512K user would be moved to MyT 1Mbps while paying the ADSL Home 512K rate.

That would probably satisfy ADSL users who didn’t get the boost, all while satisfying Orange’s requirement to move as many users away from ADSL Home as possible, if that’s what they want.

Remember, a speed boost is an indirect price-cut. You are having access to a service which was costing more previously. So those ranting that they’d prefer a price-cut over a speed-boost, it’s the same thing. Although, I kind of understand the need for a “very low-cost” connection solution.

So let’s hear it now: your views on the issue. I doubt that you have nothing to say, so the comments section below is open for you to voice your opinions.

  • Bravo for the article.
    I am gonna to share it!

  • InF

    Glad that you like it! And thanks for the share! 🙂

  • darklide

    Again nice article which directly points out what Orange might be trying to do with us users. I have shared it on fb. Hope that you dont mind

  • InF

    @All users, including Darklide: You’re all free to share on FB, Twitter, other social sites!

    The more you share, the better it is for me 😀

  • Interesting observations! MyT should not have acted this way tho. I don’t know why they refuse to be as transparent as possible when it comes to announcements of prices cuts and speed connectivity!

  • InF

    The reason in one word: money. It’s always about money.

  • As u said, orange wants ADSL and myT without TV to move to the new subscription. According to me, it’s for the following reasons:

    1. Many people have closed their subscription to canal sat since myT is offering internet+tv for Rs 1000/month.

    2. If users apply for myT, the current fees for installation+line conversion is Rs2000. Since many users are converging to myT, say e.g 100 users per month, Orange wins Rs 2000 * 100 = Rs 200 000. Now for 12 Month, Rs 2.4 Million rupees.

    3. No price cut on myT and speed boost instead. Why? The contract for renting fiber optics line now consists of low price. If orange wants cuts the price for current subscribed users, orange will be the loser.. Solution: Give them double bandwidth instead 🙂

  • jens

    great Article!

    I also want the speed of 2mb at my current ADSL 1MB price.

    As far as my.t users who don’t have the tv option..
    i think orange considers them as normal ADSL users and thus no speed double for them!

    i’ve been considering to move to my.T 2mb, but:
    yesterday when i went to one of orange showroom,’

    2 people came and return their my.T lol.

    that made me change my decision..
    i guess i will wait a bit ..

    Still no news about the price of old ADSL home 1mbps users??

  • Keshav Inderjeet

    I don’t think they will change this scheme, so no matter how much you cry nothing will change, I think that Outremer/France Telecom will soon be introduced in Mauritius let’s hope for a better service at a lower price. xD

  • Jotish

    “Sorry, there was an error. JavaScript and Cookies are required in order to post a comment.

    Please be sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser. Then, please hit the back button on your browser, and try posting your comment again. (You may need to reload the page)

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    I freaking wrote 3 paragraphs and this is what i got! and when i click back, the whole thing is blank! WTF! ORANGE IS TAKING OVER! :P:P

    lets do this again.

    so, i love the photos you used for the 1st article and this article too. worth a thousand words! 🙂

    IPTV aint that great. Try watching an IPTV channel and download some files on a local server. you end up getting digitally distorted images; dead/stuck pixels and your download rate will suffer drastically. WTF! yes yes we know they’re sharing the same local bandwidth but MYT never said anything about that. It was all watch tv, surf the internet, watch porn and masterbate! well i guess the last 2 parts are just spankwire related! 😛


    Orange states: “We have 3 MyT packages: MyT 1M, MyT 2M and MyT 4M.” SO WHAT THE HELL? 512k doesnt freaking exist! Same for 256k which died months ago!

    enfin mon ami cedric le dit si bien: c’est la vie!

    Cheers Josh.

    *and this better get sent!

  • @Yasir

    1. Wrong. No one in their right mind would choose My.T channels over Canal Sat.

    2. Moar Money.

    3. Quite right, except MT don’t rent any fibre optic. They own it (Eassy). Loads of it. So much that they are guaranteed bandwidth for the next decade! All they have to figure out is how to monetize this…

  • RB

    From my experience, MyT had a dubious FUP, and restricted your bandwidth after a certain volume was downloaded per month. I switched to ADSL Home 512k in 2007 (which was automatically upgraded to 1M in 2008) which had no restrictions.

    Would you really opt for MyT 2M or 4M with FUP instead of keeping your unrestricted ADSL Home 1M?

  • Nikhil

    hats off mate…but the thing is that MT is the only High speed internet connection provider in the middle/low income earner market in MRU…in other words its a monopole and what is more astonishing is the the govt. of the country supports them…this is the same case for MK..the only mauritian airline and so they can do whatever they want and still we will HAVE to go to them..i think the market should expand…let new competitors in and GIVE THEM THEIR CHANCE…:)

  • InF

    @Carrot: I agree

    @Jotish: Sorry to hear that you got an error. Personally, I never received it. Maybe an expired session or cookie that caused a problem. Sorry again, for your lost paragraph! :s

    @RB: FUP is no longer applicable to new myT packages according to Orange’s site. I still prefer the price of my current 1Mbps ADSL over the new MyT offers. I don’t really need the speed boost, but I wouldn’t mind it if it was at the same price.

    For me, it’s neither a speed boost nor price cut if I upgrade. I’ll be willingly paying more for added speed. It’ll be an upgrade.

    @Nikhil: Well said! We need more competition. But since the market is small, I doubt many companies will want to invest. You only need to look at Nomad and MTML.

    And the Govt lets Orange do what it wants. It has shares in Orange, unless I’m mistaken.

    We’d need another ISP willing to lay down cables and provide wired access. That would be reliable at least as compared to Nomad’s service. Can’t use existing MT cables. The new ISP would have to pay to use those…

    To the other readers, thanks for all your comments! You are welcome to share your views freely! 🙂

  • Who in their right mind would agree to pay more to have additional rubbish channels which they will NEVER watch.

    According to some feedbacks, I’ve learned that the tv box from orange is:

    1)of poor quality and often gets melted if you let it on for long hours. Strangely enough the canal sat box has been on since ages and it did not melt.
    2) The image is epic rubbish
    3) Most of the time it does not work.

    We are tired of hearing a new ISP will be coming soon soon soon but they kind of never get the authorization to implement themselves over here.

    Orange Mauritius—->middle finger.

  • Sach

    Mauritius telecom and orange are doing something that is illegal to the category of MyT users without additional TV option( i.e paying round Rs 800 per month). These two companies cannot impose a change of subscription options and neither acts unfairly by doubling bandwidth of other MyT users and letting their bandwidth untouched.

    I think someone should filed a case at the supreme court and then make these two companies pay heavy price for the unfair and illegal things they are doing.

    Even if orange is the loser in increasing bandwidth of all categories of MyT users, that is not our problem!!!

  • My stats 🙁

    Etat de la ligne ADSL Opérationelle
    Standard ADSL G992_1_A
    Débit montant 128 Kb/s (Intlv[LP0])
    Débit descendant 2048 Kb/s (Intlv[LP0])
    Atténuation Terminaison locale : 45.0 (dB)
    Terminaison distante : 26.0 (dB)
    Marge SNR Terminaison locale : 23 (dB)
    Terminaison distante : 31 (dB)
    Nombre de HEC 28
    Logiciel 0xe200314
    Compteur 15 min ES 0
    Erreurs de CRC 26
    Compteur 1 jour ES 0

  • Jotish

    @RB FUP is no longer applicable. downloaded 13.7Gb in 24hrs (2mb local connection)…
    @sach you’re right. ive been thinking the same thing too. And im sure many must be doing the same. i havent seen any newspaper article about Orange misleading its users etc.. yet.

  • InF

    @Jotish: True. Nothing in newspapers yet. I wonder why. When FUP was introduced, it was covered in newspapers. But now with the unequal price-cut/speed-boost, there’s nothing. Strange…

  • jens

    i will be moving to my.T 1mb atleast.. since i’m making a loss of about Rs 400..

    Astleast i will be enjoying speed of 2mbps on youtube :/

  • @Carrot, am right regarding cancelling canal sat for myT because the technicians themselves told me 🙂

  • Jotish

    well another thing that i’d like to point out is, why havent the local connection doubled? wasnt it something like “connection pou doubler!”? im sad, as i dreamed of downloading at 4mbps locally! X/

  • InF

    @Jotish: Downloading at 4Mbps locally is great if you have a local server.

    But from what I’ve seen (with some friends to confirm), the local Upload is capped at around 30KBps so you can’t share files with each other at maximum speed! 🙁

  • Chad

    Hi all…

    Well.. its my first time posting on this blog but actually am really facing some kind of shit… :S

    Ive been using myT 512 k since the automatic upgrade back in march 2009. When I upgraded to 1 Mb/s some 3 weeks ago the first 3 days everything was fine (livebox line parameters upgraded to G992_5_A (adsl2+) ) then my speed started getting dropped. On hosting sites I can understand that there may be some kind of limits on the remote server or some bandwith throttings applied by MT on those sites but I started facing this shit on legitimate sites too ( since yesterday.

    Am actually downloading at 15 kb/s and at the very start, the speed climbs up to some 50kb/s then drops down to the mentionned speed.

    I faced this some 2 weeks ago and after a line “reset” (myT zott grand zafaire sa) it went back to the normal 115 kb/s on normal sites).

    The peak frustration point is that am not even a heavy downloader and when I have to dwnld cant have a descend speed… :((

    Does anyone have a clue about this or knw if some bandwidth throttling have been applied on a general basis ?

    Thaaanks in advance 🙂

    You help will be much appreciated xD.